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Posted on Monday, April 7th, 2008 at 4:05pm CDT by 83202e17

Product: 42 HD Model # PDP42Z5TA

Company: Akai Sales Pte

Location: 8 Commonwealth Lane The Grande Building
Singapore, 149555, SG

Category: Other

Purchased new 42" HD Akai TV 7.01.07 with 1 year warranty on parts & labor. TV picture went black on 3.08.08. It has taken the contracted customer service department of Akai over 1 month to determine they have no authorized repair shop in this area that they sold the TV. They now say they will replace the TV with a new or "refurbished" one but it will take them another 4-6 weeks to process the paper work, 1-2 weeks after that to pick up the broken TV and then I am supposed to wait another 1-2 weeks before I can get my new or "refurbished" tv. They are looking at May 26 at the earliest, over 2 1/2 months since the tv stopped working. In the meantime the customer service department tells me there are no supervisors or customer service people at Akai I can talk to, it is contracted and they can't do anything but submit paperwork. To make it worse, the customer service people, who we have had to call every few days to get as much information as we have, have been rude and deceitful, even saying they called me when I knew they did not. And that was the "supervisor" who told me that. I would not recommend Akai to anyone and I would appreciate assistance from anyone who can help me resolve this situation. In the mean time I am paying for HD cable reception that I can't even watch. The address and phone number listed above is just what I could find on-line.


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