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Product: SUZUKI/Liana LXi

Company: Suzuki

Location: KARACHI, PK

Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

I bought the new Suzuki Liana Lxi from IG Motoros (Karachi - Pakistan) who is authorized dealer of PAK Suzuki and I am running this car successfully for one and half year. Now just last 3 days back in the morning this did kick (I mean start) and my painfull journey started:-

DAY 1 (29th March 2008)

we called another Authorised 3S dealer (Suzuki MACCA Motors) that is near to me for help and they said ok they will send one technician to initial check-up and we have to pay Rs. 500 for this and if there is minor problem they will fix on location, we agreed and my driver went their showroom to pick up the person and arrived safely at my home with Technician. He check the vehicle and not able to trace the fault so he says only option is to sent this vehicle to their workshop and again we agreed and ask them to arrange a towing vehicle for this but to my surprise such a big dealer don't have such arrangement (even we were ready to pay for this service). So the option is left with us to arrange a towing service, we done the same in next morning and my broken vehicle reached at SUZUKI MACCA Motors at around 10:00AM.

Now startig a very lengthy process and after acknowledgement of our vehicle one of the person over there (Mr. Ejaz) says they currently they don't have enough space at workshop to accommodate our vechile to chec-up and this took around 2-3 hrs and after this he will tell us what is the fault (mind here) and will not gurantee any time to fix that issue (mean to say he will identify the issue but fix time is not guarantee and could be in access of 4 - 5).

Our reaction was ok check this vehicle and let us know what cause this vehicle to stop and we left the venue with this assurance that he will call me after 2-3 hrs. But after waiting full day I did not receive any call so we call him to check the status and to our surprise that the status is remain same (i.e. not having enough space at workshop to start initial check-up) and with this scenerio even they did not bother to give us courteousy call to explain the situation.

Again we don't have any option to wait for next day with red face (over phone) because I dont want my vehicle to tow again for some other vendor.

2ND DAY (30th March 2009)

We call in the morning and status is same and with same answer (he will call me again in 2-3 hrs to give us the status - mind here still they are saying that they will give us the status only - not guarantee any fix time). So again no call for full day so I called again at 5:55PM and ask for update - Horror of horror no update they have for my vehicle (what is GLOBAL company with such great people having SUZUKI 3S TAG) and after making some noise over phone he promise that he will call me after 20-30 minutes after checking with his Electrician. And as usual (I was sure they will not call and I bet with my friend and he lost I win for SUZUKI best effort services). So I called him again on around 7:55PM and you know what was the answer - THEY ARE NOT ABLE TO IDENTIFY THE FAULT AND THIS VEHICLE WILL CHECK BY THE PAK SUZUKI ENGINEER (SO CALLED). In all above situation what I found most ridiculeous , they never call back with any answer and every time we have to call and ask for update.

Now day 2 is gone and PAK SUZUKI engineer will arrive on FRiDAY 2nd May 2008 (because on 1st May we are celebrating labour day - what a COMPANY). So he will call me at 11:00AM on Friday to give me status now I don't have any option other wait and walk with my Bicycle.

With all this pain full exercise what I found - The authorized 3S Dealer don't know

1- How to deal with customer (they only belive sale and run and giving preferences to that vehicle sold by their own showroom).

2. How much time they need to diagnose the problem

3. How much time they need to fix the problem (if they are able to FOUND ONE - that I doubt)

4. Dont have courteousy to call back (look like either their cell is out or money or they dont have phone line at site)

And last but not leat I try to found whole WEB for local SUZUKI (that in my case is PAK SUZUKI) for e-mail address, phone or fax number to lodge my complaint but as usual no where (they wear Harry Potter cloak to hide)


Manzar Yar Khan

[email protected]



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2cfcb576, 2012-01-05, 02:18AM CST

Manzar sb i really feel sorry for ur situation and agree to what u found and feel for this so called 3S in fact they have many A**es not just 3 at MACCA motors who are only being paid to capture the pray for charging them and convincing them to go for services which are not even there to be done for the vehicle with least of professionalism....

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