Home Depot #1601 - Home Depot Deceptive Advertisement by False Illustration and Layout

Posted on Wednesday, April 30th, 2008 at 6:55pm CDT by 26c40030

Product: Mouldings

Company: Home Depot #1601

Location: Newark, DE, 19713, US

URL: http://www.homedepot.com

Category: Other

I purchased 22 feet pine molding at Home Depot, after I noticed neon colored laminated signs reading "Attention Home owners and Contractors - reduced prices" signs, placed one each and every product containers in the moldings area. The price of the moldings were 89 cents/feet, and on the pink neon sign just above it had a table, where I looked at the line item showing 89 cents as the old price and 34 cents as the new price. At the register I paid the higher, not-discounted price. After I complained the store manager told me it can be misleading, but their vice president instructed them to place the reduced prices sign in that exact layout and location and content, and not honored my request to lower the price as I expected based on how I perceived the advertisement. He offered I can complain to the VP, who's name I did not capture. I believe Home Depot engaged in a deceptive advertisement, where the layout and illustration of the discounted items does not correspond with the actual promotion.

I quote the from the Ethical Advertising Standard, which I believe Home Depot violated (http://www.icharter.org/standards/eas405/index.html):

Layout and Illustrations

The composition and layout of advertisements should be such as to minimize the possibility of misunderstanding by the reader. For example, prices, illustrations, or descriptions should not be so placed in an advertisement as to give the impression that the price or terms of featured merchandise apply to other merchandise in the advertisement when such is not the fact. An advertisement should not be used which features merchandise at a price or terms boldly displayed, together with illustrations of higher-priced merchandise, so arranged as to give the impression that the lower price or more favorable terms apply to the other merchandise, when such is not the fact.


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