Jenn Air Refrigerator Failures

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> You may be interested in these notes that I have been sending to Jenn Air.

> Their quality is suspect based upon the failures I have experienced.

> Look

> closely at the photos and see what I was trying to explain to them along

> with the potential fire issue. Thanks.

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>> Seven weeks have passed since I had my refrigerator repaired and once

>> again

>> I had another repair bill for $150.00. This time it was for a shorted

>> switch that turns on the compressor. The freezer defrosted which caused

>> us

>> to throw away $125. of frozen foods. We are lucky this short did not

>> cause

>> a house fire. Attached is a photograph of the shorted switch. Also

>> attached

>> is a photo of the faulty Adaptive Defrost Control, replaced in February,

>> that was shorted out due to dendritic growth caused by poor manufacturing

>> processes on your part. Both repairs cost me approximately $450 plus the

>> spoiled food cost on a refrigerator that is 4 1/2 years old.


>> I will be forwarding this message to Consumers Report and our local

>> newspapers for much needed publicity.

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>>> Dear Mr. >>>

>>> Thank you for your response, we appreciate hearing from you.


>>> We are sorry to learn that we have lost favor with you. You can be

>>> certain that your comments are very important to us and have been

>>> forwarded to the appropriate department for review in future product

>>> design consideration.


>>> It is through customer feedback that we are able to correct, or make

>>> changes to our policies and improve our overall performance. We truly

>>> apologize for any inconvenience this concern may have caused you.


>>> Thank you again for contacting Jenn-Air.


>>> Sincerely,


>>> Tami S.

>>> Jenn-Air Customer Loyalty Team

>>> (800) 688-1100


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>>> You failed to see my point. The failure mode that caused a short

>>> circuit

>>> is

>>> due to poor manufacturing processing that can lead to failures well out

>>> of

>>> the warranty range. I know enough about electronics manufacturing that

>>> once

>>> a component gets past the infant mortality rate it essentially won't

>>> fail

>>> unless there is something that will cause failure out of the warranty

>>> period

>>> that needs time to mature. Such as dendritic growth which grows at a

>>> slow

>>> rate in the presence of electrical potential (voltage) and humidity and

>>> temperature changes. When I built my house we had all JennAir

>>> Appliances

>>> installed less dishwasher. The double ovens failed within 6 months. Now

>>> the

>>> refrigerator 4.5 years later due to a manufacturing process defect, not

>>> an

>>> electronic component. I am disappointed in your response and you can

>>> rest

>>> assured that in the future I will not purchase JennAir products.

>>> You have already gotten a lot of free publicity from the golf group that

>>> I

>>> play with at our Country Club. I will also tell them of this response.

>>> Disgruntled JennAir customer.

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>>> Sent: Wednesday, February 13, 2008 11:36 AM

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>>> Dear Mr. >>>

>>> Thank you for visiting our website and taking the time to write and call

>>> our

>>> attention to the concern you expressed regarding your Jenn-Air

>>> refrigerator.

>>> We are sorry to learn that your refrigerator was in need of repair.


>>> Your email is extremely important to us and we sincerely apologize for

>>> any

>>> delays in responding to your email. We are working diligently to

>>> respond

>>> over the telephone and through email to all of our customers.


>>> We are sorry that we were unable to make contact with you by phone,

>>> which

>>> resulted in our providing you with an email response to address your

>>> concern.


>>> We understand that you were experiencing a concern with the compressor

>>> running constantly, which resulted in the need to have the Adaptive

>>> Defrost

>>> Control replaced. Although we continually strive to use the best

>>> components

>>> available in all our appliances, any electrical/mechanical component can

>>> malfunction, and it is impossible to predict just when this might occur.

>>> To

>>> protect our consumers against the possibility of a defect in materials

>>> or

>>> workmanship at the time of manufacture, we provide a warranty with our

>>> products which states we will repair or replace any part that proves to

>>> be

>>> defective within a specified period of time. It has been our experience

>>> that manufacturing defects will appear well within warranty, at which

>>> time

>>> repairs are made at no cost to our consumers. Unfortunately, we cannot

>>> guarantee that an appliance will not require some service or component

>>> replacement. In order that we may administer our warranty in a fair and

>>> just manner to everyone, and since your appliance is approximately 4.5

>>> years

>>> old, we are unable to offer assistance in connection with the cost of

>>> repair.


>>> Since we are also consumers, we can truly understand and appreciate your

>>> feelings concerning the problem you encountered and hope that we have

>>> not

>>> lost favor with you. Jenn-Air understands that valued customers, like

>>> you,

>>> are why we are in business. We sincerely regret any frustration and

>>> inconvenience you may have experienced as a result of this concern.


>>> Thank you for contacting Jenn-Air. You are a valued customer and we

>>> appreciate your loyalty to our brand. We invite you to contact Jenn-Air

>>> again either by calling (800) 688-1100 between 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

>>> EST

>>> weekdays or by emailing whenever the need arises. When calling please

>>> press

>>> the available option or stay on the line to reach a representative.


>>> Sincerely,


>>> Tami S.

>>> Jenn-Air Customer Loyalty Team

>>> Jenn-Air Customer eXperience Center



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>>> Subject: Contact Form Submission


>>> class: Prebuy

>>> form: JennAir

>>> subject: Major Appliance Service

>>> first_name: >>> last_name:

>>> add1: 18701 E.

>>> add2:

>>> city:

>>> state: AZ

>>> zip: >>> country: United States

>>> web_form_email: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_62484#

>>> contact_by_ph: >>> fax_ph:

>>> model: JCB2388GRB

>>> serial: 15563502AX

>>> contact_method: Phone

>>> product: Side-by-Side Refrigerators

>>> body: I just had my JennAir refrigerator repaired because the

>>> freezer compressor would not shut off. The technician that repared it

>>> replaced the Adaptive Defrost Control, Part Number 61005988. Upon my

>>> review

>>> of the defective electronic component it was obvious that the failure

>>> was

>>> caused by "dendritic growth" on the bottom (soldered) side of the

>>> circuit

>>> board assembly which caused a short circuit.


>>> Based on my experience in the automotive and electronics manufacturing

>>> industry "dendritic growth" is caused by ionic residues from the

>>> manufacturing-process contaminants remaining from all stages of the

>>> manufacturing process - from bare board to loaded PCB fabrication.

>>> These

>>> contaminants combined with moisture and electrical potential are a

>>> recipe

>>> for "dendritic growth" that can cause shorts and corrosion, and

>>> ultimately,

>>> electro-chemically induced disaster.

>>> I feel that inadequate cleaning of contaminants during your

>>> manufacturing

>>> process is the cause for me having to pay $289.87 repair bill. I

>>> understand

>>> limited warranty for the product, but poor processing practices is

>>> something

>>> you correct. I believe you are responsible for this failure and I

>>> should

>>> not have to pay for this.

>>> I have digital photographs if you are interested in reviewing them and I

>>> also have the part available for review. I await your response. My

>>> e-mail

>>> address isCOMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_62484#.

>>> regarding: Major Appliance Service

>>> phone_type: Day

>>> response: Y

>>> opt_in: N




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