AT&T wireless - Massive overbilling by ATT

Posted on Thursday, April 3rd, 2008 at 5:28pm CDT by 8112177b

Product: wireless telephone serice

Company: AT&T wireless

Location: AT&T California Payment Center Sacramento, CA 95887-0001
Sacramento, CA, 95887, US


Category: Other

I opened my wireless bill to find that I had been charged for over $3000 dollars for wireless internet that no one in my family used. It was charged to my daughter's telephone which did not even have a functional viewing screen. This charge came to me 3 months after I had the internet service on my phone disabled. I have tried to work with the company to get the charges reversed and they refused to be of assistance at the risk of losing a longterm customer. Have always paid for serviced I bought and live up to my side of the contract. This is disappointing and encourage anyone who uses AT&T wireless service to disconnect. I also advise anyone who is considering purchasing wireles to not get it from AT&T


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