Frontier Airlines - Frontier Airline cancels service to Baton Rouge and leaves customers out in the col

Posted on Thursday, April 3rd, 2008 at 6:09pm CDT by bdd25fdf

Company: Frontier Airlines

Location: Denver, Co, US


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This letter is in reference to confirmation# xxxx, a round-trip itinerary from Denver, CO to Baton Rouge, LA departing on April 30, 2008 and returning to Denver on May 4, 2008. This itinerary was booked on February 6, 2008 ?? approximately two months ago, via your website.

This morning, April 3, 2008, I received a voicemail from one of your customer service agents requesting that I call your 1-800 number to discuss my reservation. I immediately called 1-800-432-1359 and spoke to a reservations agent who said I was ??all set?? and that my itinerary was ??confirmed??. Confused, I followed up with a question as to why I would have gotten a voicemail asking me to call in if my reservation hadn??t changed. After five minutes on hold the agent returned to the line and informed me that effective April 15, 2008 Frontier will no longer service the Denver to Baton Rouge route. I was shocked to hear this news only 27 days prior to my planned date of departure!

I was transferred to another reservations agent (Michael) who said he would help get to me to Baton Rouge or New Orleans on a different airline. Together we picked the below itinerary, which would get me to New Orleans on the same dates as I had originally booked with you.

Leave ?? Wed 30 Apr 2008

US Airways

Flight 6193 Departs: 4:50p

Denver Inter?national (DEN) Arrives: 8:25p

Louis Armstrong (MSY)

Coach | Aircraft: Airbus Industrie A318/A319/320/321 | 2h 35m

Return ?? Sun 4 May 2008

US Airways

Flight 6708 Departs: 6:00p

Louis Armstrong (MSY) Arrives: 7:54p

Denver Inter?national (DEN)

Coach | Aircraft: Airbus Industrie A318/A319/320/321 | 2h 54m

We were close to finalizing this replacement itinerary when I was suddenly disconnected. I was extremely frustrated, but not too surprised as the representative I spoke with initially warned me that there had been issues that morning at the call center with customers being disconnected.

I called back, waited on hold for seven minutes and then was told by the next customer service agent that the flight I had discussed with Michael was no longer available. She put me on hold while she investigated options. Once again I was disconnected while I waited on hold for her to find a replacement itinerary.

I called back again a few minutes later and spoke, again, to someone who said they would help me. When the answer was that there was nothing that could be done other than provide a refund, I stated very clearly that under no circumstances was I authorizing a refund of the amount of this ticket and that I expected a replacement ticket on (or near) the dates I had originally booked with Frontier.

I spent the next three hours of my workday on the phone with various members of your staff, none of whom were able to help me. Consistently I was told that although Frontier has contracts with US Airways and Continental for this purpose, but that neither airline was willing to ??accept?? the request for a seat ??in my fare class??. It is clear that the fare class I booked is not of a high enough value and priority for Frontier to honor its obligation to replace the ticket.

At this point I find myself 27 days away from my planned date of travel, and fares have tripled since the time I booked my itinerary. I??ve been on the phone with your Reservations Agents, Supervisors and Consumer Affairs personnel ALL DAY and have been disconnected a total of four times, with no satisfactory outcome. A refund for the amount I paid for the ticket is not acceptable as it would not even cover 1/3 of the cost of a replacement ticket. I booked this ticket way in advance because I knew fares would increase. I conveyed my willingness to travel on the 29th instead of the 30th to your agents, but reiterated that the return date was not flexible due to commitments that are the basis for my trip. I??ve been online and found multiple itineraries that would satisfy my requirements, apparently none of which Frontier is willing to put me on.

I expected a much higher level of service from Frontier, and am extremely disappointed that the contract I made with Frontier has been violated and that I was not given the 30 days notice I am entitled to under the law. Could Frontier really not have given more notice than 12 days before the discontinuance of the route?

As a resident of Denver I??m sure you are aware that I have many choices when it comes to air travel. If this issue is not rectified satisfactorily and soon, you can be sure I will never fly Frontier again and will inform my friends and family of this experience.


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