Verizon - Verizon Double-Dips with FIOS Service

Posted on Tuesday, April 29th, 2008 at 11:43pm CDT by fbf8cb53

Product: Verizon FIOS Services

Company: Verizon

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I run a Home Based Office, and i order Business FIOS Service. I had Business Internet and Phone Service Activate with no problem on the ONT They installed.

When i Order Residential FIOS Service for TV and Phone that was a whole other story. For the 1 month it took me to get that order in, they promised that i was getting a 2nd ONT. The Verizon Business FIOS Technician ran 2 fiber optic cables for me in lue of the fact that a 2nd ONT was going to be installed.

Now, April 21, i find out the Technician is going to be installing my Residential service on the same box with my Business service.

Now get this, Verizon is telling me they won't put in the 2nd ONT as promised stating that everything can be run on 1 ONT.

What they don't tell you is that the TV Service requires an Internet connection, and in my case, they are using my Business FIOS Internet connection to provide TV Information for my Residential Service. So basically VERIZON IS STEALING FROM MY BUSINESS SERVICE TO PROVIDE RESIDENTIAL TV SERVICE.

Has Verizon become so cheap that they won't install the 2nd ONT as promised from their bold faced lies?

Does Verizon think that i am comfortable with 2 facts:

1) I am paying for 2 completely seperate accounts, One-Business, One-Residential but only want to provide one connection?

2) If you were running your Business at your home and had both Residential and Busienss services coming over JUST 1 WIRE, would that make you feel comfortable if that line get's knocked out? And the fact that Verizon takes forever to fix a problem when it does happen?

All i want is my second ONT installed and my Residential FIOS Service installed on it, which would include my TV, Phone and a DATALINK service to only provide information that is required for the TV Service?

It's bad enough enough i am paying more then $200+ a month for all these services and now they have to steal bandwidth away from my Business FIOS Internet in order to make Residential TV Service work properly.

Verizon has stopped very low, i am ashamed of them. If I had known that they needed a Internet connection for the TV Service and that they were going to steal it from my Business service i would of never ordered their TV Service to begin with.

I think anyone who spends a lot of money for a home based business would want Verizon to installed 2 seperate service conenctions for Residential and Business.

I cannot run my business on Residential FIOS because they do not offer Static IP Address service for Residential Customers


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