Ebay.com - Non payment of Sellers fee of $3.76 - Account put on Hold

Posted on Tuesday, April 29th, 2008 at 12:49am CDT by e4194861

Company: Ebay.com

Location: US

URL: http://ebay.com/

Category: Other

Okay I know I am in the wrong somewhat, but the thing with ebay.com charging people a $3.76 fee for selling a item or more amount should not happen.

Then if this not paid you get spammed every day in email about non-payment. This in my opinion is harrasment and should not be taken lightly nor put up with.

ebay.com had several opertunties to get the lousy $3.76 from my account, but they kept passing it up and then kept complaining that it was not paid yet.

Now as of 4/29/08 I paid it supposebly and still get the spam email that night so now not sure what is going on.

Maybe it is some stupid auto email thing and the script does not know it has been paid. This still is really inept and leads me not wanting to ever sell anything on ebay.com


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