1st Choice Realty - Take your money and RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!

Posted on Monday, April 28th, 2008 at 5:59pm CDT by 15d0f0d2

Company: 1st Choice Realty

Location: US

Category: Other

Dishonest, unprofessional. A few people we had business dealings with there work for themselves and they have very deep pockets. They won't hesitate to leave you high and dry if something better comes along. We don't consider their realtor(s) to be very reputable. Do some background checking on their realtors/builders before getting too involved. You'll be glad you did and you'll be better off financially as well. We moved into our unfinished home Mar 06 and we've had problems with the builders Holmes Sweet Homes and 1st Choice Realty. We paid them 6 figures for our house, we have had and still have major problems with a variety of issues involving our home and once again everyone wants to blow us off as usual. Return phone calls? What's that?? It's been a nightmare from the beginning and I would NOT RECOMMEND ever using any builder/realtors from 1st Choice Realty or Holmes Sweet Homes Builders unless you have money to throw away.


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