Philips Lifeline - Medical Alert Systems for Elderly

Posted on Monday, April 28th, 2008 at 10:24pm CDT by 77e0486b

Product: Lifeline Monitor

Company: Philips Lifeline

Location: P.O. Box 981009
Boston, Ma, 02298, US


Category: Other

In 2001, I entered into an agreement with Lifeline to provide personal emergency response service to my mother who lives in Nashville, TN. My mother (now 88 and a survivor of both triple bypass heart surgery and mastectomey) got ill on the evening of August 20. She contacted Lifeline for help by pressing the button she was provided and told the person from Lifeline (advertised on Lifeline's website as the "most experienced group of response professionals") that she was bleeding internally and needed to go to the hospital. According Lifeline own advertising materials, within seconds of receiving such a call a Lifeline Response Associate "accesses your profile and quickly assesses the situation and then contacts a neighbor, loved one or emergency services, based on your specific need". It goes on to say "the Lifeline Response Associate will follow up to ensure that help arrived" My mother told the person she needed to go to the hospital but wanted to go in a taxi not an ambulance (she was worried about the embarrassement of having an ambulance come to her house with the sirens going and lights flashing). The Lifeline Response Associate told her he was in Boston and did not have the number of taxi companies in Nashville and that she would have to find a number on her own and hung up. Lifeline never attempted to notify anyone on her contact list nor did Lifeline "follow up to ensure that help arrived". She waited an hour before a cab showed up to take her to the hospital. I contacted Jean Harris in the Customer Service dept of Lifeline who tried to tell me that they always do what the caller wants and that often people misunderstand the services that Lifeline is providing--in other words I got nothing but an apology. In fact, there is nothing mysterious or confusing about the services that Lifeline claims to provide--to get in touch with someone on the caller's list and to make sure assistance has arrived--they did neither. Lifeline refused to take responsibility for its gross negligence in the way this was handled and instead tried to blame the victim for not understanding the service that was available. This contract that I paid over $3000 in fees was a complete and utter fraud


0e0b557b, 2010-04-29, 06:01PM CDT

I know exactly what you mean.I just want to tell everyone the mistake that happened with life line services. on april 23 2010( early Morning hours) my mom was getting up to go to the bathroom and feel .she pushed the button on her Pendant and due to a mix up they got our address wrong and it took the first responders over 2 hours to get to our house,this was the first time she fell that night....she fell again the same night and it only took them 13 minutes to get to our point is due to life line's mistake my mother had to lay on a carpeted concrete floor for 1 hour and 45 minutes+ longer than she should have had to. if it had been a heart attack, or other injuries she might have well died waiting due to lifeline's mistake....I don't know what to do about it so I am just posting this in hopes it doesn't happen to anyone else.

0ef04d4d, 2010-08-17, 12:10PM CDT

The purpose why we purchase our parents with a device such as Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) is to ensure their safety and to secure our peace of mind as well. So I believe that what you have experienced with Lifeline systems is totally disappointing and depressing. Based on your stories, I can conclude that their service is drastic! My decision to purchase Just5 phone for my mother is proven to be a smart one.

Just like Lifeline Systems, Just5 phone is especially designed for the elderly. But this product caught my attention because of its capability to perform multiple functions. It can work as a personal emergency response system and a cell phone at the same time. Lifeline Systems cant do that.

Can you imagine the convenience that Just5 offers? This device made it possible for the elderly to walk away from the comforts of their own home without fearing that they wouldnt be able to ask for help when they stumble outside. The freedom it offers made me decide to choose for this product than a conventional PERS just like Lifeline system. And as I see it now, I chose the right thing.

My mother is also aged and she is very frail but theres nothing that I need to worry about that because she has a Just5 phone with her that she can use in times of need. I believe this is the perfect device that the elderly should always have with them in their pocket.

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