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Posted on Monday, April 28th, 2008 at 1:16pm CDT by 784d72dd

Product: Home Depot Rewards Program

Company: Home Depot

Location: Atlanta, GA, US

Category: Other

As the owner of an electrical business, I have been dealing with Home Depot for years and was impressed by the Home Depot Rewards Program. With a Home Depot Rewards Credit Card, you are awarded points for every purchase you make. These points are redeemable for various products.

After a year of purchases, which were in the thousands of dollars range, I decided to redeem. I found something I was particularly interested in which were prepaid gasoline cards. With the amount I had compiled, I was entitled to 12-$100 cards so I redeemed them. Unfortunately, the cards were only for BP Gas stations. In Texas there are no BP Gas stations and when I redeemed there was no warning of this. So I contacted Home Depot in the hopes that I could exchange them for a more viable product.

It took two days of phone calls to even be referred to the right department which was the Resolutions Department. These folks informed me that the cards could not be returned in exchange for something else. Policy was that once you redeem, there are no returns. No mention of this on the site when you redeem, of course.

I was dumb-founded. I had spent over $50,000 on materials at this company in one year. No telling how much I have spent there over the 20 year period that I have owned my business.

I decided to go further with this, based more on principal than anything else. I spent at least another two days calling and asking for supervisors, etc., but to no avail. Finally, I decided to contact the headquarters. Not an easy task, but I was determined to voice my opinion, if nothing else. I tried to find a direct number, failed. An e-mail address, failed.

There was a listing for a store in the town headquarters is located so I called them. Finally, I was referred to someone in the head office, a very kindly man who insisted he would take my case into consideration and was oh, so hyped about customer satisfaction.

I never heard from him again.

My response: After doing business with Home Depot for all these years and spending the amount of money I have, I find it deplorable that not only could I not exchange the cards but the dollar was passed incessantly and I was ignored by an executive who seemed concerned about customer satisfaction.

I now only go to Home Depot if I have no choice and have an account with another electrical supplier who treats me with respect and values me as a customer.

My advice to you: The Rewards Program is not that great. You have to spend a lot of money before you can redeem anything of value. Make sure the product you redeem is something you wont wish to return because you will be out of luck, no matter how much business you do with them.


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dce50f3c, 2008-06-11, 08:41AM CDT

I am not familiar with the Rewards Program that you mention, but am certainly up to date with their rebate programs.I recently remodeled my home, during the period between 2004 to 2005 I spent around $50.000 at Home Depot, Cabinets interior and exterior doors,paint,sheetrock,carpet,concrete,lumber,you name it and I am sure that I purchased it.A number of these purchases came with rebates anywhere from $50.00 to $400.00 non of which I was ever able to collect on,even though I had and still have reciepts for all my purchases from start to finish.I must tell you that the poor customer service is not limited to you and I often wonder if there is such a thing as good customer service,anymore but you would think that some thought might be given to someone that is spending large sums of money in their stores,that they might want them to come back at a later date when the need to either update or replace the things that they have just purchased,which will probably be sooner than later seeing how everything is crap and has a max of 3 years lifespan,I wish that people would get together and fight this practice of higher than ever prices and the lowest quality in most products across the board and as far as customer service I think that until we say no to these practices they will only continue to get worst.As far as home Depot goes as convienient as it is for me to shop there I will never go into any of their stores again,because they are dishonest and the consumer is the one that gets stuck dealing with the fallout

3d9be750, 2008-12-08, 08:18AM CST

I can commisserate with you. On October 22, 2008, I cashed in 25,000 rewards points for a $250.00 HD Gift Card. I even received an e-mail invoice and order number. I never received the card. After three weeks, I contacted them and was told that they could not replace the card and since I did not select "Expedited Service," for which they wanted an extra $7.00 or so, they could not trace the card. So I am out the $250.00 gift card and 25,000 rewards points.

6416594a, 2009-02-04, 09:17AM CST

Why would you redeem for a certificate without knowing if the store/station was in your area?

This wasn't Home Depot's fault, it was yours.

Take responsibility for YOUR mistake and use the gas cards when you travel.

Stop whining and pay attention to what your responsiblity in this is!

2ce91af1, 2009-10-07, 10:22AM CDT

I am also furious with the home depot rewards program. I redeemed my points for a gift card to their own store. I did not opt for sending the card to me via insured mail. After weeks waiting for the card I tried repeatedly to contact the rewards program staff and was told my card was probably stollen from the mail. I repeately called and finally spoke with a "supervisor" and informed her that I live in an upscale community and that my husband is an attorney and that we had NEVER had mail stolen from our mail and we receive thousands of dollars in dividends in the standard mail all the time. I threatened to go to the better business burea and complain about Citi band and the shame of this program. Finally I did received a Home Depot gift card after months of complaining. I know shop at Lowes stores and get much better service, home repair equipment and clear terms on their credit card program. It seems that Citi bank just sent out a letter to holders of the Rewards card that they are discontinuing the rewards credit card, I am sure the reason they are cancelling the rewards program is that some genius at Citi Bank realized this was not a money generating program for the bank. That is no excuse for the devious handling of customers who tried to act in good faith to redeeem the poiints they accumulated as the rewards program promised. I still have 20,000 points I am trying to redeem before the end of the year and I am running into problems again.

92022b69, 2009-11-11, 05:43PM CST

yeah ! I have the same problem than a others with this Program Rewards. They told me they sent the gift card BUT one month later I don't have nothing, I've called and they told I have to wait for their call... never called !!! I called again and they finally told me They Can't do anything because they sent the gift card and the responsible is the carrier (USPS or UPS)... so the gift card is missed and nobody's fault. What a rip off ! I sell/buy in ebay (more than 50 transactions), I do bussines in amazon.com, I buy from bookstores and cabelas, I reedemed my poins from Wachovia checking card and NEVER miss a mail, nobody touched my mailbox. I think The Home Depot Rewards / City Bank is a rip off !!! I feel stolen!

20c10d25, 2009-12-06, 05:34PM CST

I would be dealing with electrical supply houses rather than home depot...as an electrical contractor you are shopping at the wrong place to begin with.

648426cd, 2010-06-22, 11:51AM CDT

When Home Depot offered the Rewards Program, we were told we could include a recent purchase for about 5,000 dollars. All we had to do was enroll and then add previous receipts up to a month before. The ProRewards phone line would hang up on us, nobody at the store (including the manager) new the details of the program. I sent an email which was answere 10 days later to find out that nothing that was offered is good anymore. I also feel that Home Depot is doing a poor job at customer service and will only go if I do not have another choice.

d1e9aeed, 2012-03-11, 06:33PM CDT

do you still have the cards ?

6de48a03, 2014-11-28, 01:43PM CST

home depot is a great store but its like any other huge business they act like they care for customer service which they do for small stuff in the store at the time but when it comes to bigger things and you have to make phone calls good luck they know you will get tired of being passed around on the phone and you dont have time and 2 is that they have such a huge costumer base that if they loose you its no big loss and they know most likely you will be back because home depot and lowes has the corner on the market so the best thing to do is contact the news paper and put it out like that thats one way to get them in your palm they do not want the public to know and what store

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