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Posted on Monday, April 28th, 2008 at 5:25pm CDT by 0f07c4fb

Company: Airtel

Location: 16/02, Palm Road, Windsor, Shipra Sun City, Ghaziabad
Ghaziabad, UP, 201010, IN

Category: Other

I really doubt the work ethics of Airtel Guys. The sequences of events are:

First of all the Airtel Project Team that does underground cabling illegally entered my premises without my permission.

After that they dug 2 huge pits in my beautiful lawn in January 2008.

When it came to my notice I asked to stop the work but they assured that after digging the so called Restoration Team will do a visit and will do the complete restoration including all damages done to Carpet Grass and Plants.

Somehow I fell prey to their words and agreed to it.

After that no one visited and no one bothered to look into it.

The pit remained opened for so long time endangering the safety of my family members and my small kid.

That got covered after 3 weeks after so many calls and follow ups but definitely made my lawn a mess.

Then I logged a complaint with Airtel Customer Care. The reference numbers is 4918684 (Talked to Pawan ?? Floor Supervisor), and there starts the series of subsequent complaint numbers ?? 5047602, 510992, 5244606, 5932954.

Each of these complaints closed without informing me and whenever I called them back I got stunned to know that the complaint is closed with the assumption that some engineer has visit me or called me.

Today they said that I am free to take the legal remedy for this. They will neither compensate nor do the restoration.

How on this earth is possible such a blatant abuse of power, irresponsible behavior and indifferent attitude and apathy towards the complaint


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