Travelers Insurance - Travelers Insurance the Pits!

Posted on Saturday, April 26th, 2008 at 2:58pm CDT by 2d714114

Product: Homeowner Insurance

Company: Travelers Insurance

Location: Local: Richmond VA
Richmond, VA, 23235, US

Category: Other

Ever filed a claim with Travelers? You will be treated with contempt and disrespect. For a storm damage claim on 02/10/2008, the rep asked me to get prices to repair the damage and remove tree debris. Total was only $1350. I sent this and the rep called back saying "we need peectures" in a stupid sounding voice. I sent the peectures. She called a few days later to say she can't tell anyting about the peectures and will need to send an "outside agent to inspect the damage." A week later, the "outside agent" called to make an appointment. I was not happy that my time and money were wasted to accomodate the requests of rep Sara Price. She should have made arrangements for the outside agent on February 10 instead of making me waste my time and money. Today is April 26, almost three months after the storm damage occured. I still have not been compensated by Travlelrs for my loss covered by my policy. Travelers encourages its claim reps to delay claims perhaps hoping the smaller claimants will get tired and forget the issue. For 29 years I paid premiums to Travlers and had only one claim for $800 in the past. Wake up Travelers--we policy holders make you rich with our premiums. Needless to say, my policy is up for renewal in September. I refuse to renew with Travelers. Perhaps Geico will get my premiums for the next 29 years.

A Google search will reveal many other similar rip offs by Travelers. VA and California seem to have the highest number of incidents. In CA, Travelers was reprimanded for their tactics.


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