Hobert Pools - Improper installation of electrical panel for pool equipment

Posted on Saturday, April 26th, 2008 at 1:19am CDT by 93bb175d

Product: Hobert Pools

Company: Hobert Pools

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Richardson, TX, 75080, US

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I have a pool that was installed by Hobert Pools. The electrical panel for the pool motors was attached to my fence instead of being attached to a separate service pole.

My fence blew down a couple of weeks ago and because the electrical panel was attached to the fence instead of being attached properly to a separate service pole, my pool plumbing was yanked apart and busted in multiple places.

This could have been prevented if the electrical panel had been installed on a separate service pole. I offer the following as an example:

My boss and I went to Hobert together and purchased our pools the same day. His pool electrical panel was installed properly on a separate service pole (that Hobert provided), but mine was attached to the fence. I can only guess why, maybe the electrician was in a hurry or lazy or just does sloppy work.

I believe that Hobert is responsible for making the repairs, because the reason my pipes are now busted is because they installed the electrical panel on the fence.

Hobert Pools says it was an act of God and they are not responsible for my fence blowing down. My rebuttal is that the fence blowing down would have been a mute point if the electrical panel had not been attached to it.

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2e5a2520, 2008-05-08, 12:50PM CDT

The pool was completed in 1999 and the location of the equipment was approved by the homeowner at the time of completion. It was installed per the codes of the city at the time of installation and passed all inspections required. Now after 9 years of service, the fence which has never been replaced was blown over in the storms with approximately 70 mph winds. This is an act of God on a fence over nine years of age, and is not Hobert Pools responsibility. We offered to come and reinstall the equipment for a price, but was rejected by the homeowner.

We are sorry it is unfortunate this has happened, but it is not covered under warranty.

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