Microsoft - XBox 360 - A $500 Nightmare that keeps on haunting you

Posted on Friday, April 25th, 2008 at 4:35pm CDT by bf19d0b8

Product: Xbox 360

Company: Microsoft

Location: Microsoft Corporation One Microsoft Way
Redmond, Wa, 98052-6399, US

Category: Other

Once your Xbox 360 develops its first problem (And it will), you can forget ever enjoying it again. When you call the service number, they will tell you that your precious video game console must be mailed to them. Microsoft will send you a cardboard "coffin" and it seems harmless enough....You pack your unit, drop it off and await its return. When you receive it, you'll probably notice that they simply replaced it - but not with a new unit, with a refurbished unit. This refurbished unit most likely has a brand new problem and when it breaks (and it will), they will tell you to send it back to them. I know, because this is how my problem started. Upon receiving it again, it wouldn't even power up. After spending another hour or so on the phone, Microsoft will tell you to mail it back again. You can kick, scream, or plead with them....they will still tell you to mail it back. They will promise you free gifts (an assortment of accessories or cheap games) but they won't deliver them. They just want to keep you calm. You can ask to speak with a manager, but I'm not really convinced that you are speaking to one. He or she really doesn't do anymore than the person you were originally speaking to. They will assure you that this will be the last time you will have to send in your console...but it won't be. I mailed my console back for the 3rd time. Of course, they "speed" it to you by Fed Ex which will try to deliver it while you are at work. You'll then have to drive a half an hour to the Fed Ex office to pick it up. Then, when you get home, excited to finally get your console back, you'll find that it has yet another problem. The solution? Spend another 2 hours on the phone with Microsoft so they can tell you to mail it back again. What? you want a new machine? Forget it! They would rather spend $400 shipping it back and forth to you instead of simply replacing it. It doesn't matter that from a business perspective they are losing money for two reasons. You could be buying software for your console, but with it not working, you can't. Plus, they are pissing off a loyal customer. I'm a teacher and use this as a lesson in my math classes to illustrate what NOT to do. It's funny how my High School kids came up with all sorts of creative solutions to the problem, but Microsoft cannot. Well, I'm not giving up. I've already bought a Playstation 3 and a Wii. I'm sure they will be much happier to get my hard earned entertainment dollar. Too bad Microsoft -- I guess that you have so much money that you can afford to keep sending me pieces of broken garbage instead of just solving the problem by sending me a new console. May this be a warning to all out there that are considering buying this money pit. Check the internet...this is not an isolated story. I am soon going on my fifth return and know that someday, Bill's company will send me a machine that works. Someday, over the rainbow.......


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