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Posted on Friday, April 25th, 2008 at 4:15am CDT by ade6e0ff

Product: Nokia 5610


Location: SHILAK Inc. # 7, 1st Floor, P&T Colony, 80 Feet Road, R.T. Nagar Bangalore - 560032
Bangalore, Ka, 560032, IN


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I purchased a brand new Nokia 5610 in December,2007. After 3-4 months the phone started giving some problems like Video,Camera and some other functions not orking and the phone also used to get hanged frequently.I gave the phone for servicing to Nokia Care Centre (as the address mentioned above) on 4th April,2008. After 2/3 days I got a call from Nokia Care stating that the keypads of the phone have come out and they said they can't repair the phone as there is a physical damage on the phone. Then I personally visited their office to see what exactly is the problem and to my surprise they have broken down the key pad. I argued with them that there was no physical damage when the phone was submitted for servicing. After a lot of argument they finally said that they will get in touch with their corporate office and get back to me. After this its more than 20 days and I am still awaiting a call from them. Whenever I call their office they never even bother to pick up the call and in all Nokia Care employees mobiles incoming calls from customers are barred. If I visit their office they say that they will revert back to me shortly as they are awaiting a solution from their corporate office. I am just counting days when a solution will come to this problem and when can I get back my phone in the previous condition as I have submitted for repair at their office. Nokia and Nokia Care service is pathetic. They don't know the basic principles of Customer Service and their employees don't even know how to behave with customers. Its better for Nokia if they take these things seriously and work little towards customer service than just selling phones and making money.

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6d936aa2, 2008-11-20, 07:45AM CST

this is the address where i have given my cell for repair under warranty period:

GOLDEN PLAZA, #43,annaiah reddy building

varthur main road,marathalli,Bangalore-560037

I don't know whether my comment can cure your problem buddy,but a very much case has happened to me too.

I gave my cell same 5610 to banaglore customer care at marathalli.The problem which i am having is the same,going off the cell in the middle of the call,hanging and etc..(this 5610 is the worst to buy indeed)and now those guys are playing with me.

The guy who is inchare there is MR.LAL(i don't know how this big company recurites such an irresponsible guys..this would definetely making there name down)is keep telling me every now and other dates to get my cell back, and finally when i went with all my aggresion inside,those buggers has closed the shutters with a notice that the center is close for an indefinite time,no more repairs and all those cells which they are having will be deleiverd within the office time(i dont know whether there would be the office remaining more their or not).Above all that bugger is not accepting any calls from my side nor he is replyin to my messages.

i have escalated this thing but don't know how to get my stupid cell back.

if you had any thing from your past experience regarding this which can help me out is very much thankfull.

i don't know this is the same story all across but this is very sad for the bangalore part.

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