Honda of Fife - Ripped Off!!

Posted on Thursday, April 24th, 2008 at 11:31am CDT by 4515e349

Product: Car

Company: Honda of Fife

Location: 4301 - 20th St. East
Fife, Wa, 98424, US


Category: Other

My complaint is, I recently leased a Honda Accord LX-P from Honda of Fife. I went in there wanting the Lease special they were offering and I told the salesman that I wanted the special. The salesman Lamar told me the LX-P model also had a special and told me it's onlyu a 1K more so I said let's go with that. after 4hrs of negotiations I came out thinking I got a ok deal but after going home and checking the Honda website I found out I basically got robbed!! Honda had a special on the LX model and the EX model but not on the LX-P model I purchased! The Ex model basically is a higher model than the LX-P model but Lamar and his partner Mike knew they'll get more out of me by selling me the LX-P model because there was no special on that.

Now, partly it was my fault that i did not do my homework and i'll take responsibility for that but I called Honda of Fife next day but they told me to call the next day because Lamar and Mike was not in. I called back and talked to Lamar, he basically told me he can't help me and if I wanted to exchange a car he would buy the car for a used car price, LOL i had to laugh at that, a car that's been driven a total of 10miles and he wanted a used car price? Anyways, I writing this because I think it was wrong what they did to me, they basically sold me a lesser car for a higher price! and I told the salesman many, many times I wanted the lease special i saw on the internet.


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