Tata Indicom - Complaint against TATA Indicom

Posted on Thursday, April 24th, 2008 at 12:55am CDT by 9e66a584

Product: Dial up Internet Connection

Company: Tata Indicom

Location: Tata Teleservices Limited A Block, Silicon Terraces, 30/1, Hosur MAin Road, Koramangala
Bangalore, Ka, 560095, IN

URL: http://www.tataindicom.com

Category: Other

I, like a moron, chose Tata Indicom (Bangalore)of all companies, as my Internet Service Provider and have regretted the same since day one! I signed up for their dial-up Internet connection service on the 7th of December. I was told that I would have instant access to the internet from that very day!

However I have never been able to connect to the internet, not even for a minute!I called their customer care staff, who i might as well add, are a complete bunch of idiots. After making numerous calls to them over a period of one month, they finally sense a problem and say they'll have someone come over to my house to fix it. Needless to say, that never happened. I was already fed up by then, yet i made some more calls. Then these morons tell me that the modem i was given was faulty!!! This, mind you, is told to me after more than a month! The fools at Tata Indicom didn't even have the courtesy to help me out (after all it was their mistake), instead, ordering me to go to their office on Richmond Road and get another modem.

When i went to that office, they firstly treated me like dirt, making me wait for over 2 hours with absolutely no one willing to help me! then when i tell them i've come to exchange a modem for something that works, they ask me 'Who told you to come here?' ... 'We cannot exchange a modem just like that!!!'

that got to me and i started yelling, which is what i should have done in the first place. Then they offer me a chair and check out my faulty modem and replace it, telling me that the new one would work by midnight for sure. This was in mid-jan. It is now the end of April, yet i have received no service, my internet still does not work and i'm guessing the 'new' modem i got is also faulty! i'm fed up of dealing with these morons who i think should all be shot!

I obviously refused to pay the bills that piled up over the months for a service that i never received. Religiously, the staff at Tata Indicom call every month to ask me to pay up. They're efficient when they call asking for money, but couldn't care less about whether their customers receive their service or not! Every month, i repeat my problem to them, they say 'OK' and hang up the phone!!!! i was even told in February that my internet connection would be cut!!! i said go ahead, what connection they were talking about i don't know!!!

now they send me a letter threatening legal action if i don't pay up!I'm ready and willing to counter charge and sue them for damages!

i would welcome any advice on the same!


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