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Posted on Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008 at 11:55am CDT by b65386b1

Product: Sofa

Company: Land Of Leather

Location: Holdens Way, Birstall
Leeds, GB


Category: Other

This is an email i have written to Land Of Leather today, it will explain all regarding the service i have received from them so far. My next stop is Trading Standards.

I am writing to complain about the disgraceful service we have had from Land Of Leather. I am also writing for compensation for the inconvenience and time wasting your company has caused.

We have now been waiting 10 months for our sofa and still have NOT got it.

We had a leather sofa delivered from your company in 2006 and paid over ?2600 for it, we had it for a matter of a few months and the leather was coming away. Someone came to our house to inspect the leather and reported back to your company that it was indeed faulty. Months later after much waiting, we were advised that we were able to come in store and choose another one.

This was in August 2007, we came instore and ordered another leather sofa and was told that it would take 3 months to be delivered. We called at the start November to chase this up and was advised that the sofa had come in from shipping but was damaged in the container so we had to re order and wait another 3 months for this to again arrive. We were unhappy but knew that these things can happen, so we decided to wait.

As it was supposed to be another 3 months, i called at the latter end Feb 2008 to chase this up as we had not heard anything, only to be told that it had only just been ordered in Jan 2008, i was very annoyed at this as we had been waiting since August for it to come.

After many phone calls and messing around we finally got a call from Mike advising that the sofa had arrived at the depo and it would be delivered one Thursday in March (i can't remember the specific date), relieved that we were going to get our sofa, i made arrangements to stay at home all day to wait for this, 12pm came and i called to see if they had an estimated delivery time, the lady i spoke to advised that the computer systems had been changed and she could not trace it, she asked if she could call the Leeds warehouse and get back to me straight away, 5pm came and i had heard nothing so i called, i was advised that the sofa had not come into the country and they couldn't tell me what or why this happened.

I was told i would get a call 'tomorrow' (Friday), i received no call so i called again, i was told it was the managers day off and i would not get a call until Monday, Monday came and went without a call, so i called AGAIN on Tuesday and spoke to a helpful lady called Carol, she promised to look into it for me and to call me back, she called me and advised that the sofa would not be delivered until 2nd of May, i was fuming but we agreed reluctantly to wait for this, but wanted some sort of discount or compensation for all of the hassle. I spoke to Mike at your Birstall store not long after and he advised that he would speak to his manager and we would get a letter in the next week or two offering us some sort of compensation, weeks passed and i heard nothing, i called and spoke to a lady last Thursday and was promised a call back on Friday, it is now wednesday and i haven't received a call, i called your store 2 hours ago and was advised it was 'the managers day off' again, i was also told i had to write an email if i wanted any sort of compensation!! I also asked tham to confirm that the sofa is being delivered on the 2nd of May and i was told by the person there that the sofa is coming into the country now on the 13th of May and would not be delivered until the end of May. Thats another bloody month of waiting, i could have bred the cow, got the leather and made this sofa myself in the time we have had to wait for it.

I have NEVER had a service as appauling as this, the people at your company...(excuse the french)...cannot seem to find their arse with two hands'. The infrastructure is terrible and the lack of communication is very apparent.

I want some sort of compensation for the time, phone calls, effort and inconvenience caused for this aboslute piss take.

I would like a call on .... to discuss this further, otherwise further action will be taken including Trading Standards etc.


Rebecca Hodgson


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