Posted on Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008 at 2:21pm CDT by 40c3cc64

Product: Video Games


Location: 6805 Wood Hollow Drive
Austin, TX, 78731, US


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Following an article in Playstation magazine my son received a quote to purchased used video games. We mailed the games and since then no response. We have the quote and a confirmation that the games have been received but they will not pay us, answer e-mails or answer the phone.


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db2b2943, 2008-06-23, 04:43PM CDT

i am experiancing the same problem. I used them once, because of the review in PSM. I recieved payment promtly. On my second shipment I am having the same trouble as you. I'm ready to contact the local authorities on this...

541fc14c, 2008-06-30, 05:55PM CDT

I'm having the same problem, the first time all was good, this is my second time, shows they received the games over 2 weeks ago, 2 emails to them no replys, phone call is useless, noone picks up and his voice mail is full. This guys name is Jeff Winkler in Austin, Texas. I guess I'm out my money, avoid this web site and pass it on

541fc14c, 2008-06-30, 05:59PM CDT

I'm having the same problem, first was good, second time the received my used games over 2 weeks ago, no reply to my emails, phone number says voice mail is full. Please be aware of this site and this guys name Jeff Winkler

90461421, 2008-07-27, 12:46AM CDT

I recently experienced the same issue as everyone has stated here. I've only used them one time and obviously, no more. The owner does not respond to any emails and as stated, you cannot leave a voicemail, no matter the time of day you call because it is always full. The website is updated regularly because the quotes I got for my games have changed, so I know someone is still actively operating this site.

I would recommend to anyone who has had a problem to go to The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), which I just have done today. If you are willing to do so, just note it may time some time because you are required to provide detailed information. I do not have expectations that this will be resolved, but anything I can do to make the internet as crime free as possible, as I do in my neighborhood, then it's worth it for me.

IC3 is partnership is a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C), and the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA). Their site is

This is fraud, so regardless of the value you have lost, please take the time to report this where you can, even your local police.

ccb242c2, 2008-09-26, 02:35PM CDT

I too am having the same issues that you all are having. I receive no replies from my e-mails and I cannot contact them by phone because the mailbox is always full. I don't know what is up with these guys but I'll never use them again.

a7ba8b83, 2010-03-03, 09:08AM CST

I have used them a total of 5 times and they paid out PERFECTLY, now it seems that on #6 I may be having this issue like all of you

f4661570, 2010-07-14, 10:46AM CDT

Crap, I wish I would have seen these before I used his website. My order still says awaiting shipment even though he should have already received it.

I sent my first e-mail. If I don't get a response and I can't get in touch with him by phone I am definitely going to file an internet fraud with, BBB, and contact local police with his name and address.

If he doesn't want to get a visit from the police over stolen items, he better pay or return them.

063c8d74, 2010-09-26, 11:56PM CDT

i was just about to go through these guys but decided to do a little research first so thank you to all of you who took the time to warn others; i can't thank you enough

4c5a8ccd, 2010-12-26, 07:44PM CST

I sent a package of about 15 Super Nintendo games, never heard about it again. I got a quote, and and email saying I would be contacted when they received my games. Nothing.. its been a long time. Phone number doesn't work, and no response to my emails. I hope this guy gets arrested for fraud and theft. He's probably reselling them.

AVOID THIS SITE!!! I wish I had done more research on it. I was expecting a decent check for them..

b87e20c6, 2013-02-22, 05:23PM CST that's the owners facebook

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