Posted on Monday, April 21st, 2008 at 1:49pm CDT by 736b93ef

Product: mazda millia

Company: Not Available

Location: US

Category: Other

I bought a 97 mazda milliea and got the extened warranty. Then my car died, no smoke no noise just died. At the dealership they told me there wasa detonation in engine wich resulted in a cracked piston. I know it wasn't bad gas because I have been filling up the same staions religiously sice I bought the car about 6 months ago. The idiot inspecter somehow managed to determine thta this does not constitute a "mechanical failure" and threfore thye refuse to pay for . Then as the icing on the cake I had to put in a whole new endgine in the car which cost me more than 5k and wynn's will not cover any repaires on it because it was manufactured withthe car. So I am paying money for a warranty that not only gives me nothing but actualy does a pretty good job of screwing me over.

I urge everyone to stay away from these parasites.


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