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Posted on Monday, April 21st, 2008 at 5:41pm CDT by 3f2ed397

Product: American Express Platinum card

Company: American Express

Location: American Express Credit Cards World Financial Center, 200 Vesey Street New York, New York 10285

Category: Other

My car was stolen last summer (the day after I purchased it), and I was forced to obtain rental cars while the bank, dealership and insurance company settled the matter. When I heard that American Express provided rental car insurance coverage I jumped at the chance and applied for the Platinum card.

I talked to 2 different customer service representatives and told them my story to insure I was in fact covered. They both assured me that I simply needed to deny the insurance that the rental company offered and I would be covered for the length of my rental.

Well on Christmas Eve, I was involved in a car accident. When I called to make the claim, they said that I was not covered because I rented the car in the same city that I reside in! I told them that I had clearly communicated that I was renting the car in San Juan because my car was stolen. I was then told that I was not covered because the accident happened on the 32nd day of the rental, and I was only covered for 30. I have talked to 4 more customer service representatives since then, and they have all continued to state that I am covered for as long as I rent the car. Even after I specified the rental would be for an extended amount of time. After finally talking to the supervisor, Javier Loranca (after 3 hours of transfers), he said he would investigate the calls and get back to us. He never did. He never called back when his employees said he would, and never sent emails when he said he would. I had to chase him around for almost 2 weeks, while he was in meetings or away from the phone. He said to call him back when we were billed from the Rental agency. 4 months later I received the bill and tried to contact the Mr. Loranca again. However he would not talk to me and I was told I need to contact another party in Florida.

I have all the names, dates and times of these phone calls with the agents, when I was given misleading information. I am sure if these calls were actually reviewed, there would be not doubt that I was falsely led into using my card to rent the car without insurance. I had rented 2 cars just prior to the one in question and always bought insurance. I would never drive a car in San Juan without being insured and feel I was deceived by your company.

I would like American express to take responsibility for the information given by their employees and cover the bill for $2,997 as they assured me they would.


Christopher Sather


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