M&A Trucking

Posted on Monday, April 21st, 2008 at 4:30pm CDT by 2a1dc6a2

Product: M&A Trucking Transportation

Company: M&A Trucking

Location: Boston, MA, US

Category: Other

On or about 5:05 PM, on I-95 south just inside of the eastern Connecticut border, the driver of the tractor tagged: USDOT 1697020 and ICCMC 623100 tailgated me because I was not driving as fast as he wanted me to go, closing to within 10 feet of my car. I sped up to open up space between his truck and my car; once I hap opened about 100 yards between his truck and my car, I resumed normal driving speed. He caught up to my car, and when he did, he nearly rear-ended my vehicle when he changed lanes to pass. These trucks weigh in at 80,000 lbs + and can take anywhere from 700-1200 ft to stop in IDEAL conditions. The driver of this truck needs some kind of a citation and remedial driving courses.


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