Conn's Appliance - Conn's Salesman Lied about Installation

Posted on Monday, April 21st, 2008 at 3:55pm CDT by 4d53bf1b

Product: TWO Toshiba TV's

Company: Conn's Appliance

Location: Grapevine tx
grapevine, tx, 76051, US


Category: Other

We bought TWO TVs - a 37" and a 46", plus a DVD player, HDMI cables, etc., worth over $3500. We took the smaller TV home and installed it ourselves while waiting for the bigger one to be delivered and installed in a week. When delivery showed up, they informed us that it would cost us an additional $250 to install the TV the way we wanted it set up (with them hooking up the surround sound and mounting the TV on the rack). We immediately called the salesman at the store to let him know the discrepancy, and he began to deny what he told us about what would be included with installation, which was the surround sound and the rack mount. We reminded him that we specifically went over this particular subject THREE TIMES in the store to make absolutely sure what the delivery charge included, and that he stated all three times that the delivery charge INCLUDED two components OF OUR CHOICE (his exact words) to be hooked up, and that the TV could also be mounted on the rack or installed on the deck - again, OUR CHOICE. In the store, we even told him that the reason we wanted clarification on this particular point was because we didn't want the delivery guys to hook up the cable and DVD, because we could easily do that, but that we wanted them to hook up the surround sound to the receiver instead. No problem, he said. Anyway, after he kept denying what he told us both in the store, we told him he should pay the difference since that is what he told us, and he just kept insincerely parroting that "he was sorry we didn't hear what he said correctly". He sarcastically said he didn't have the money and was sorry that WE didn't have the money. When we asked what he was going to do about this situation, he indifferently said there was nothing he could do about it and to just refuse delivery and cancel the invoice if we couldn't pay the extra money. We said we couldn't believe he was going to throw a $3500 sale over this, and again he said there was nothing he could do about it. We asked to talk to the manager, and he said he WAS the manager, which we knew he wasn't, so we promptly got in our car and drove down there to talk to him, but he had already gone home ... surprise, surprise. So we informed another salesman to let the manager and the salesman know we would be there when they open the doors in the morning. When we arrived, we explained everything to the manager, and we felt like he believed us - I'm sure he had had trouble with this salesman before. He tried to gain our business but we told him we had lost all trust in the company. We're still out $138.75 for a restocking fee, but are contacting Corporate to get that resolved if possible. What is so stupid about this whole thing is that shouldn't the salesman have realized that if someone can afford to buy $3500 worth of electronics, that they could probably afford to pay $250 for installation? But we didn't even get the chance to make that decision for ourselves. Bottom line is, if he just hadn't have lied, none of this nonsense would have happened. But instead, all of us had to go through this huge hassle. The good news is we got the exact same equipment PLUS A $500 RECEIVER from Best Buy for LESS than what we paid for the other stuff at Conn's. The moral of this story is JUST GO TO BEST BUY AND DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME ON THE CONS AT CONN'S!


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4d53bf1b, 2008-07-06, 02:04PM CDT

To whoever replied to our complaint by saying this:

"hmm... do you work for Best Buy by any chance so you are hateful towards such a great company such as a Conn's?"

Your question is absurd. We wrote this lengthy, detailed post to HELP others avoid what we encountered (which I believe was obvious to the other 99.9% of the people who read it.)

c339c2f7, 2008-09-03, 11:39AM CDT

Conn's charged me $107 for a service call to diagnose my TV. It took him 1 minute. I was pissed! When I called the service department, I described in detail the problems I was having with the TV (my hard drive was fried). Service neglected to tell me that I could take the TV into the store for a fraction of the cost of a service call. When I paid the $107 I requested a receipt. His response was he didn't have one. I said anytime there is an exchange of service for money, there is always a receipt. He offered to mail it to me. I offered to follow him to the drug store in order for him to make me a copy of his work order. He went into the store and came out a moment later telling me there was a fee for the copy machine. I said, Yeah 10 cents. He replied I don't have 10 cents, it's not my responsibility. So in order to get a receipt I had to leave my house drive to the store and pay for a copy. Conn's has the worst cutomer service I have ever experienced. I will never shop there again. I won't even buy a toaster there. If you are interested in professional customer service, shop anywhere but Conn's.

8210b4e6, 2009-02-10, 03:38PM CST

Feb. 11, 2009

I am having the exact same installation problem and overcharge while trying to serve as an advocate for an elderly friend with dementia. There is nothing but a viscous circle with Conn's with each passing the buck. I am following through to the Mediation Center. Why are so many of their "conned" customers simply giving up. Due to this, BBB is showing a ridiculous A+ rating (one week ago it was B-). We must stop Conn's from taking unfair advantage of their customers!

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