FedEx Home Delivery - FedEx Home Delivery doesn't follow it's own procedurs.

Posted on Saturday, April 19th, 2008 at 3:52pm CDT by 94228d14

Product: Deliver service

Company: FedEx Home Delivery

Location: US


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FedEx Home Deliver does not follow its own procedures. I contacted them to arrange home delivery 24 hours ahead just as instructed by FedEx Home Delivery. The arrangement was to deliver to my house at 2pm. When I got home at 1:30 FedEx Home Delivery had attempted to deliver at 10:40am.

To all retail business, do not use FedEx Home Delivery. Think of your customer. Most households in this country are two income household and consequently will not be home when FedEx Home Delivery tries to deliver. Think of the number of your packages that will be returned to you because FedEx Home Delivery would rather drive around and put stickers on doors than deliver when gas is nearly $4.00 a gallon. Oh, and the only other option for me would have been to leave my hourly job in Topeka, Kansas drive through my home town, Lawrence, Kansas to Lenexa, Kansas seventy miles one way just to pick up the package. What a waste of my hourly salary and gas just because FedEx Home Delivery does not want to do its job.


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06710c03, 2008-04-30, 07:57PM CDT

You did not pay for an appointment. If you did, you would receive your package no earlier than 1 PM and no later than 3 PM ... with Home Delivery routes in urban / suburban areas running 140 stops, it is necessary to have the routes computer planned for efficiency. You could have had your package delivered to work or used Saturday as the delivery date. Better yet, let the driver drop off the package. Less than 5% of packages for a Home Delivery driver prohibit dropping off without a personal contact. Also, make sure your telephone number is on the package so the driver can call you.

I'm a retired teacher and I help a Home Delivery driver with his route. We have a 100% success most days.

249c42ae, 2008-10-20, 06:47PM CDT

"Think of your customer"?! Think of the driver, you selfish jerk! The poor driver went to your house to try to bring you your package and didn't get paid a penny for it because you weren't home! They are "driving around putting stickers on doors" at $4.00 a gallon (which they pay for as a contractor) and they AREN'T BEING PAID FOR IT at all!! Would you rather a driver start delivering at 5:00pm when everyone gets out of work, and knock on doors until 2:00am? If you can't be home to receive it, don't have it shipped there! Idiot!

b32d8c0b, 2008-11-21, 04:53PM CST

The poster who called the OP stupid is the one that's stupid. Fedex Home Delivery is in the business of delivering packages. Why should a customer stay home from work to be there to receive a package? If they need to deliver after hours when customers are home from work, then so be it. They need to provide alternatives if the customer is not at home during the day, i.e. deliver the package to a FedEx office close to the customer's home to be held for pickup. Or make arrangements for the package to be delivered on Saturday or after hours. A business that doesn't value it's customers won't be around for long.

26adc955, 2008-12-13, 11:26AM CST

Problem is that doesnt always work. I attempted to arrange a ballpark figure, or even have the driver call me when he was down the road so I could be there. However everything I tried to plan or arrange including the driver calling me was met with a "home delivery doesnt to that sir" or "the driver cannot contact you" from the customer service rep. Very poor, inflexible customer service. I do have a life and cannot sit around my house all day waiting for a package when I have responsbilities myself.

ec8a5896, 2009-02-27, 05:22PM CST

I was home all day waiting for them. They don't even knock on the door, just put the sticker. And you tell me that they like to work? I had a door bell but doesn't worked I didn't know. So what was so hard to knock on door since he was there? Now I am gain home is 3:16 PM yesterday he was here at 3 Pm. I left the door cracked so the idiot will see that I am home. I can't stay in front of my house waiting for him. They have a job because some company ships with them. I didn't want them to be the carrier but I can't choose. So do not take their side they are bad.

584d0ab9, 2009-07-18, 04:45PM CDT

I agree. I will never use this service again. They are completely incompetent and self-serving. I live in Los Angeles and during the recent Lakers championship my girlfriend and I both sat outside on the doorstop waiting for the package and literally watched the driver go speeding by and didn't even try to stop or make the delivery, mind you the televised game was due to start in about 30 minutes from then.. hmmm chance or coincidence. The fact that they use independent contractors that make a per-package earning puts the delivery discretion in their hands. If they're feeling lazy or not wanting to make any money that day, they can slack off. I highly recommend against using this service. I have only highlighted one instance, however there have been several. Do yourself a favor, avoid at all costs.

03ba7ad5, 2009-07-28, 01:27PM CDT

"Would you rather a driver start delivering at 5:00pm when everyone gets out of work, and knock on doors until 2:00am? If you can't be home to receive it, don't have it shipped there!"

Many people work from 9-5 (or 8-6, or longer). Many people do not have jobs that allow them to have packages delivered there. Are you suggesting that the majority of people Fedex simply does not want to do business with?

Yes, if the customers of Fedex are generally only available from 5:00pm - 12:00am, that is when I expect Fedex (or my bank, etc.) to be available to transact with its customers.

Over half the jobs I've held required me to work off-hours to be available for customers. Including weekends, and yes, until 2am. Why should Fedex drivers be any different?

No wonder Fedex is doing so poorly with customer service like this.

79436964, 2009-12-24, 09:17PM CST

Fed Ex drivers are the worst, or at least the one that delivers out of London, KY are. The driver was in too much of a hurry to leave a package so that he could get home for Christmas, that he took it back to the warehouse instead of driving 1 mile from where he was seen last delivering. It was a Christmas gift. I called customer service, NO HELP there! I think the driver should have been made to come back and deliver my package, instead all I was offered was $4 and will get the package 5 days later. I am very put out that the package was on the truck and the driver didn't even try to deliver. If I didn't do my job, I would get fired and they should too! UPS is much more reliable.

2f04d042, 2010-11-08, 07:22AM CST

I am a Fedex contractor and it is impractical for customer to have their packages delivered when they want it. It does not matter if you called or not, the computer plans out my delivery route. Delivering on a country route makes it impossible to return to an address without spending 14 hrs on the road. This is the reason why Fedex home has a saturday delivery option which you can request and if you are nice I can even call you in the morning to give you an idea of when I expect to be at your address. The driver only gets paid when the package is DELIVERED!

3054af39, 2011-01-23, 02:34PM CST

if you wanted you package to be left at your home, put a note on your door!

(that is unless the shipper wanted a DIRECT or ADULT signature - then you have to be present when he rings the bell or arrange a pickup time to the warehouse to get it yourself)


"Dear FedEx driver, I authorize you to relaease my package on my porch/ front door/ side door/ garage/ back door"

tracking number

printed name



if your local Fedex driver can read english, he/ she will comply

(remember they're subcontracted drivers who doesn't get paid by the hour, but by the amount of SUCCESSFUL stops they delivered)

So its up to your individual driver in your area if he wants to stay out all night, but they have to rest 10 hours between their start and stop times according to DOT rules... so some will try to finish by 8pm to come early and sort/pack their own vans the next day.

Tuesday to Saturday are their operating days & if they miss you on Saturday, don't be expecting them on a Monday (that's Fedex Ground then!)

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