Posted on Friday, April 18th, 2008 at 2:29am CDT by 78c8196e

Product: Botany Dinning Table - Dark Oak 1+6 (021YHE0700002)


Location: Al Wahda Street,
Sharjah, P. O. Box, AE


Category: Other

On April. 23, 2007, I Ordered part number 021YHE0700002, Dinning Table, Dark OAK, what was delivered on May 9, 2007 was a damaged table with Part no. 021YHT15900RVS67 light brown which looks like item 021yhe0300005 on the website. Since this table was a part of a bigger order for export to Jordan, item was kept in a ware house in Jordan and was never checked until March 2008. External package shows a clear blue marker hand writing as "Damaged". Company acknowledged fault but asked that I have to ship the "damaged" table back to Sharjah, UAE on my own expense and receive the correct ordered table there and sholder any expenses and duties. They said the order is too old now. I wrote the company to refund the money and I would dispose the "damaged" table but got no reply.

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HASSAN A., 2015-07-17, 01:47AM CDT

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Sometimes last yr a cheque was issued in my name Hassan Atolagbe as my commission on sales order number 0035967 but due to my poor health I was unable to pickup the cheque before the expiration BEFORE the cheque expires I always talk to my sales person about my poor health and the way forward of getting the cheque He promised discussing with the accounts department which at the end of the day they asked me to send someone over for pick up But before this they asked to scan my passport data page and letter of authorisation to the company which I did When my son was about to come for the cheque my sales man has to call me that I shouldn't bother to come again that his superior in the office has agreed to mail the cheque to me in USA where am undergoing treatment and that I should send 100 dollars as courier charges which I sent to my salesmam by name Hafsar Hussain I waited for couple of months to receive the cheque from your company My expectation proved abortive When I finally got hold of sales rep they keep telling me all sorts of stories that my salesmam is on vacation and as soon as he resumes that he will get back to me Uptill this moment I didn't hear from my sales person What gave me concern was that the customer I brought to buy furniture from your company has been patronising your company for some yrs back If you look into your record u will see for yourself The customers name is. OLATOKE ADEBIYI Since the customer knows am eligible to receive commission from your company I was unable to get anything from him The customer himself is aware of this my complaint and I will be grateful if a thorough investigation is done on this my complaint and get back to me as soon as possible.


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