General Electric - GE customer service jerk-around

Posted on Friday, April 18th, 2008 at 1:10pm CDT by 11a92fff

Product: TNX22PRCBLCC Profile Performance

Company: General Electric

Location: US


Category: Other

I have a seven-year-old model TNX22PRCBLCC Profile Performance

refrigerator. Twice the water intake solenoid (part number WR57X10025) failed, the second time causing major water damage to my hardwood floor.

That's not the infuriating part, though. The infuriting part is that there are two parts not referenced in the GE diagrams for my refigerator, and because they are not referenced, they cannot be ordered and I am told

that they don't exist, even when I am holding them in my hand!

GE wants me to spend $100 on a service call though, so that someone can come out and tell me what I already know: The new water intake unit leaks where the ice maker hose and water dispenser hose enter it without those collars or furrels or whatever they are called. I am talking about something that literally cost maybe ten cents, but is crucial to the operation of the refrigerator.

What was even more frustrating is that GE insists I schedule a service call at

$100 a pop, but admits that if the part is not on the diagram, the serviceman

will not be able to order the part either! They sure want my money though. I'm going to have to buy a new refigerator because of two "non-existent"(!!) ten cent parts.

So my advice to anybody looking for appliances: Stay away from General

Exasperation. Lousy service and poor quality are its hallmarks.

Here's the best part: I sent a letter to GE with one of the used parts asking wwhere I could get replacements. The person who signed for the letter? "M. Teed" (emptied). No response from GE


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