Checks Unlimited - Checks Unlimited sold the information on my checks!

Posted on Thursday, April 17th, 2008 at 3:06pm CDT by 45ac6bf0

Company: Checks Unlimited

Location: Colorado Springs, CO, 80920, US


Category: Other

We ordered checks from Checks Unlimited for a tiny non-profit organization in January 2008. A few weeks after the checks arrived, so did the junk mail.

How do we know they're the source? Well, primarily because there's room for two lines at the top of the check, so we used the second line to print a distinctive half-sentence just for fun. Now -- before we've started using the checks -- we're getting mail to "Owner" with that half-sentence given as the first part of the address. There's no other possible explanation.

On top of that, their website says that they do this, but only if you go to the "Security and Privacy" page, ignore the vague claims about security and privacy, click on the *real* policy link, and scroll down a long ways, you'll see the bit about "Oh, and we sell the contact information off your checks all the time to make a fast buck."

The "take me off the list" process involves a ten-minute phone call that results in someone writing a note in your records. I have no confidence that this will actually stop them, but we'll see.


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