Sky Golf - SkyCaddie Failure

Posted on Wednesday, April 16th, 2008 at 1:14pm CDT by e07948b2

Product: SkyCaddie 3

Company: Sky Golf

Location: P.O. Box 2960
Ridgeland, MS, 39158, US


Category: Other

Sky Golf used ineffective "patch" recommendations to delay my demand for replacement of a defective unit until the limited warranty on the product expired. They then demanded prior approval of $30-$100 of repair costs before issuing a return. Once returned with the stipulation that the product be replaced Sky Golf simply kept the unit and refused to respond.


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e07948b2, 2008-05-08, 12:44PM CDT

In response to a follow-up question... I finally received a replacement for the defective SkyCaddie. No, they didn't repair the existing unit ... the serial number is different. I received the replacement AFTER threatening to take my case to the Federal Trade Commission and the Attorneys General of Arizona (where I live) and Mississippi (where Sky Golf is located.)

e07948b2, 2008-05-08, 01:17PM CDT

This is in response to a follow-up question... After weeks of delays and demands for money, I did receive a replacement (not repaired) unit for my defective SkyCaddie GPS rangefinder. This was AFTER I threatened to take my complaint to the Federal Trade Commission, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and the Attorneys General offices of Arizona (where I live) and Mississippi (where SkyGolf is located.)

anne marie d., 2012-09-24, 04:17PM CDT

2 of us, in montreal...have useless skycaddies...that are collecting dust,

her's after 1 1/2 years, mine after 1....we play about 2 times a week, but

not all courses are on the skycaddie..

and this is in quebec, where we only play from may to end of september...

so basically they conked out after 1/2 a season...

way overpriced and not much customer support....

after $400 they now want another $80 for a refurbished one,

maybe someone else's that conked out...instead of fixing them..

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