Weichert Realty - Poor Service

Posted on Wednesday, April 16th, 2008 at 1:58pm CDT by a74623a6

Product: Sale of home

Company: Weichert Realty

Location: 400 Rella Blvd.
Suffern, NY, 10901, US

URL: http://weichert.com/

Category: Other

Weichert promised a virtual tour, open house every weekend, weekly ads in the paper, and a stress-free experience where everything would be handled with expertise. None of these things happened as promised. Communication was poor and unprofessional. The realtor included my hot tub in the listing without my permission. This mistake cost me $3500. My home was left unlocked and lights/heat were left on. Personal items were taken. I was severely misguided about real estate throughout the listing.

The realtor cost me the first offer on the home because she did not show up to the inspection. She went to Las Vegas without transferring the listing to another realtor in her absence. The deal subsequently unraveled. She then gave me poor advice which locked me into a second offer while a third and higher offer was forthcoming. This cost me $5,000.

The manager at Weichert was not responsive. He took no responsibility for the poor service I had been receiving. I was shocked that someone in his position could be so aloof and unconcerned about customer service. He did not offer an apology for the problems I encountered. All he said was "well we sold your house so what do you care about the other stuff?" My response to that statement is this: I priced the house below market value so anyone who had the listing at the time would have gotten the sale. Despite having been the realtor at the time of the sale, Weichert's 6% commission was not earned. I asked for a reduction in the commission and the manager refused. The regional VP also refused. If I went to a restaurant for dinner and got horrible service, should the waiter be given a 20% tip? What if the waiter said "well, you ate so what do you care?" This is representative of the managers/VP's attitude. There was absolutely no accountability for the broken promises, mistakes made, poor communication, unprofessional conduct, and misguidance that I received.


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