keystone rv company - new-used lemon camper!!!!

Posted on Tuesday, April 15th, 2008 at 7:34pm CDT by 0c8b5d7c

Product: keystone sprinter 311 bhs

Company: keystone rv company

Location: 2642 Hackberry Drive
Goshen, IN, 46526, US


Category: Other

I bought a 311BHS camper in August 2007 from PONTIAC RV in Illinois. I've had the service department out there 4 times since Labor Day fixing item on the camper. We ended up closing the camper knowing that some items would be taken care of in the spring. We went up to the camper in early March to find water and ice on the floor of the camper with the snow melting off the roof and going inside the camper. We spent hours cleaning up the water. Due to the weather outside we turned up the furnace to find out the ice melted behind the counters and made more water to clean up. WE GAVE UP AND CLOSED THE DOOR!!!!!!! I took pictues of eveything! I e-mailed the dealer service department with them and a a notes of damgages. They came and pick up the unit March 18th, 2008 (my b-day) how wonderful!! They had it for a couple days doing some work and sent it to the manufacture for water dagamage and replacement of wood and so forth... The did a terrible job. I received the camper back 25 days later to find the job incomplete and filthy conditions. I was pissed off again. I was told the camper looked brand new and all is well. They are coming back to pick up my lemon for more work. Who knows when I get it back!!! I'm I the only one????


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352b1877, 2008-06-20, 05:34PM CDT

I bought a new 32' travel trailer from Parkview RV Center in Smyrna, Delaware in November 2007. My trailer has been and out of repair shops for over 5 months trying to get "MINOR" repairs completed. We have had canceled vacations, numerous trips (rising fuel cost) to different dealers and Stephen Holmes has the nerve to send me a $300. check for my trouble. I have sent a letter to Mr Wade Thompson (CEO) of Thor Industries. Thor Industries purchased Keystone RV in 2001 and is the largest RV manufacturer. They claim that they drive for excellence for over 26 years, well I way I see it, they are so far off that I don't see anyway that they can get it back. Thor also purchased General Coach, who manufactures Citation and Chateau. They also acquired Dutchmen, Komfort, Damon RV and CrossRoads RV and Goshen Coarch. I would be aware of who the "manufacturer" is before buying any RV product. Keystone and Thor does not care about the product or customer service AFTER the sale. I have filed complaints with the BBB both against Keystone and Thor. I highly recommend anyone having problems and believe me I have heard many, should follow complaints also. Everyone need to voice there concerns against these and other associated dealers about the type of product that they produce and refuse to service afterwards. Also anyone looking into purchasing a RV (trailer, 5th wheel, motorhome, etc.) should investigate first BEFORE they get into something like many of us have. The few things that I had were items that should have been fixed before taking the trailer off of the lot. No, I thought that it was like a car dealer that you can take it back and get all of the things (if any) taken care of during 1 trip. We would go back and find nothing done and then we would even find additional items. The trip one way to the dealer was 1 1/2 hours. I will be 56 years old in Nov. and I was brought up that the customer was right and customer service after the sale was a high concern for the dealer. Apparently this doesn't stand anymore. It would not hurt my feelings to see Keystone and Thor Industries fold up. You need to be proud and stand behind your product. THEY DO NOT. I have used this trailer approximately 10 days since purchasing it. After canceling a Disney vacation, we purchased a used 5th wheel to go on our next vacation instead of canceling that one. Of course Keystone told us that we could take that one, that it is OK. I didn't spend over $20,000 to take a damage trailer to Disney. I wanted to have something to be proud of and it wasn't it. Since this time I have had everything taken care of by a local dealership that believes in customer service. It is up for sale for the balance of the loan. I KNOW ONE THING, I WILL NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM PARKVIEW RV CENTER, KEYSTONE AND OR FROM THOR INDUSTRIES. I WILL ALSO MAKE IT MY BUSINESS TO HELP SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT THESE THREE BUSINESSES. Consumers need to take a stand and fight back.

1b3e8ddf, 2008-11-24, 03:32PM CST

I purchased the same RV model in March 07. I have replaced EVERY drawer slide mechanism due to cracked plastic and very low quality hardware, I trip breakers when the AC unit (upgraded to 15K BTU by dealer suggestion) runs with ANY other appliance including water heater, the mattress is already sagging and out of shape, the TV had to be completely rewired, I had to ground the outside light so it would function, there were no fixtures in the bathroom for towels or toilet paper (my fault for not noticing this). Long story short - for mid priced camper dollars I got a the worst purchase of my adult life. My dealer was FunTime RV in Cleburne, TX.

7954c40b, 2009-03-02, 11:19AM CST

I have a keystone sringdale and over winter the cold weather cracked the vinal flooring around the miss cut floor vents and keystone will not do a thing about it.

8650f3b1, 2009-10-17, 10:51AM CDT

I know how you feel. Purchased a 2007 VR1, from Liberty RV. We had the same problems with cold weather and rain. The trailer leaks who knows where but the inside leaks into different places. With a trailer that should have never left the factory, it was sold to us instead. We pulled out carpeting. Tried drying it out to no avail. Finally had to get an attorney, and after 2 years they are coming to get this lemon back.

62946096, 2010-03-10, 01:18AM CST

My Citation 30T is five years old. I have had to replace all of the drawer slides, all of the leaf spring bushings, the kitchen faucet, the leaking shower has had to be sealed numerous times, and the grey water valve broke and had to be repaired on site. On my first trip with the RV, we had a blow out. Fun changing a tire on the side of 95 in MD at 100 deg...drivers side. The next year heading back from Myrtle Beach, total tread separation. Carlyse tires. This time in Rocky Mount, NC. Fast Forward 1 year...seized wheel bearing and stranded for 3 days guessed in, Rocky Mount, NC. Had to leave my RV in NC and head back to NJ b/c the axle needed to be replaced. Fast Forward to 2010, RV was left for service and had the bearings cleaned and repacked. We did not get more than 1/2 mile when I looked in my mirror and saw the axle dust cap fly off. The castle nut was almost all the way off, and so we u-turned across 8 lanes of ez-pass traffic to return to the dealership. My wife and 2 kids, they could have killed us. The wheel came off by hand. Someone upstairs was watching over us. As for the folks at the dealer when we returned, they were in stunned silence over seeing what had just happened and what could have happened. Dealership said that they would make "everything right" and so they started with ordering 2 new axles and we'll go from there. Drive safe.

56f9d912, 2010-04-06, 03:31PM CDT

We also bought a new trailer in 2008 from Pontiac RV. Biggest mistake ever. It has been plagued with problems. The tv hookup was not wired, had to fish wires out of the wall ourselves. Every time it rained we would get water running out from under the fridge. The flashing was slanted the wrong way causing the water to run into the camper. Keystone would NOT cover this repair. The fan in the ceiling vent does not work. The toilet needed to be repaired after two months of use. The awning has been replaced, it came with a hole in it. They replaced awning then it rolled up with a slight twist in it so it wouldn't close all the way. The stove ignitors are very short lived. The exterior faucet leaks.

The huge decal on the front is peeling and looks like crap. The bunk had a chunk out of the particle board paneling. Pontiac was less than cooperative. They advertise on the spot service, yet when called they never came out. Another couple who was camping near us also made the mistake of purchasing a keystone from pontiac rv. They had problems with their fridge not functioning, again pontiac would not come out til there were three service calls. They never came!! I never had this many problems with my previous 11 year old trailer as I have had in the one year with Keystone. Not Happy with this Lemon or Pontiac RV.

ccfbc661, 2010-09-27, 06:46PM CDT

We bought a Keystone Sprinter in the fall of Sept 4, it was new. Took in a couple of times to fix some minor things. In July 2010, took it on a two month trip. The drawer guides broke, the the closet rod broke, the closet floor came lose, the bottom the drawer came lose, the boards on the dining area both broke and cracked the board, the jack broke, the mico finish inside wore off, the slide out leaked and out the roof had no silcone there, the davenport there is no support, so you slide down. What a good trip. I would not buy another Keystone

93aef2c8, 2010-12-01, 08:29AM CST

we purchased a brand new 27 foot keystone fifth wheel from Weekley's RV in Owosso, Mi in May 2002. The biggest yellow lemon we ever saw! it leaked when we bought it - they fixed it. the black tank leaked - we fixed it. the CD player didn't work - they fixed it. i could go on and on about the minor stuff we had to have serviced. the breakaway wire caught on fire in Oct 2004, on the road. there was no rubber grommet where it went through the axel and the wire rubbed on the frame and caught on fire. Dec 2006, we are ready to pack for a 6 month tour of the US. we found mushrooms growing on the wall over the top of the expando. took it to the dealer - obviously you have picked up something in your travels the owner said. mushrooms are not something you pick up. he said to contact the manufacturer. we ended up leaving a message for Kim Dooly who took a whole week to get back with us. the dealer said the manufacturer left out the seal in the j channel over the expando and the water seeped in and the wook wicked it up. and rotted. repairman wanted it sent back to manufacturer but dealer said no - we will fix it here. they fixed it and we were off. keystone paid half and we paid half. we were off on our big adventure. expando is having trouble going in and out. the nose leaks, and leaks and leaks. had it looked at in Montana, dealer said get ahold of your dealer when you get home - you have serious problems. in alberta the rear wall started coming lose - things would fall down between the floor and the back wall. got some metal strapping and big screws and hoped we would not have a toy hauler when we got home. did not go to the dealer when we got home - we were so disgusted. got an independed to fix the nose - mistake number 3 - we just learned he fixed it with pieces of kitchen linoleum! although he said that the nose was wrong - that when ordering parts - keystone told them this model was to have a plastic cap and that is why the front leaks. fast forward to summer 2010 - it leakes so bad we can not use it. off to a different dealer as the one we purchased it from is out of business and the owner apparently died. the new dealer is totally disgusted with the service we have had. the header over the expando was supposed to be replaced back in 06 - they did not. they cut the rotten spot out and put a new piece in. the new piece was smaller so they filled the crack in with silicone caulking. this is a weight bearing wall that holds up the roof. way to go! and keystone apparently approved it - as they paid half.

we are trying to make this lemon last a few more years until we are done camping. what we purchased to be a joy in life turned out to be the worst lemon we have ever seen. each succesive dealership has told us that keystone should have repaired this vehicle at their expense in the beginning and that we got horrible horrible service from our purchasing dealer. what an expensive way to learn. if you see a sprinter fifth wheel tooling down the highway with this big lemon on it - wave - it is us. what we have learned and what we have paid for with this horrible purchase.!! live and learn and pay dearly.

ec288bb7, 2013-05-08, 09:51AM CDT

I have a 2010 Keystone Sprinter RLS 32 ft. I have been getting water in from wall behind the range. Have had it to dealer, they thought they had fixed it as there was separation of molding near the awning. Well, today it rained hard and guess what ? Leaked again. Now they can't get me in for 2 weeks. Anyone else have this problem ??

richard d., 2015-04-22, 04:09PM CDT

ihave a 2006 keystone vri, bunkhouse opened it up today for easter trip, well thats not goin g to happen floor was soft where the bunks are and cargo in the front, took bunks out took cabnet out and guess what its all rot the partical board floor the 2x3 floor or should i say joist its bad real bad its been leaking looks like since new and i have so much black mold and my kids wee sleeping there, thanks keystone for the great job i will rebuild it but what a piece of s

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