Ashley Furniture Kelowna

Posted on Monday, April 14th, 2008 at 2:54pm CDT by b438801e

Product: Leather Sectional

Company: Ashley Furniture Kelowna

Location: 2514 Hwy. 97 N. Kelowna, British Columbia
Kelowna, BC, V1X 4J3, CA

Category: Other

While visiting parents in Kelowna, went to Ashley Homestore to browse. Found a leather sectional that I like which was on sale. Talked to salesperson and said I really like it and would be purchasing this sectional when I went back to Vancouver. She told me it wasn't on sale in Vancouver, and that I should purchase it in Kelowna, and even with the shipping charge of $300.00 it would be substantially cheaper. I confirmed that it wasn't on sale in Vancouver, so decided to purchase it in Kelowna. They were out of stock so delivery was approx 8 weeks later. When we got the sectional it didn't seem to be nearly the same quality as the one in the showhome. There were large gaps and when you sat on it you ended up feeling the wood of the frame. After contacting the store, they said they would sent someone out to repair. I just wanted a decent couch so I agreed that if he could repair it I would be happy with that. Several month's later a very rude repair person came out, pulled it apart and banged a few things, then said had to leave. I called to let them know that he did nothing to correct the problem and a few months later, sent the same person out who agan did nothing, sat and talked on his cell phone and then said his time was up. I called again to let them know that the repair person had not done anything. They then admitted that they didn't know anything about the repair guy, they basically called him out of the phone book. They finally called the Ashley store here, to find out who they used. Again a few months later and a ton of phone calls to them to see what was happening, they decided to replaced the stuffing, which again did nothing to correct the problem. The frame was still bent, the gaps were still there and you still sat on the wood. I kept telling them that the frame was bent and that I didn't think that what they were doing would help, but they insisted it would. Of course it didn't. My husband in frustation pulled the sectional apart to see if there was something he could do himself to correct the issue only to find that the frame was missing all sorts of screws and the metal parts were just hanging. The wood didn't match up at all and was cracked which is why the repair guys couldn't do anything to fix it. There was no way to repair it, so I took a bunch of photos and emailed them to the store, so that they could see that there was indeed an issue. I called again only to find that the person I was dealing with didn't even work for the company anymore. The new person in charge now told me that they don't service products outside of the service area (that was a 1st after about 100 phone calls)and he said I was lucky that they had done anything in the 1st place, and on top of that because it had taken so long to fix this problem that they weren't going to do anything about it anyway. Only after I told him that I would submit a complaint because they had not even checked to see what the problem was, and had completely ignored the pictures I had sent them to show them that it was definitely a defective product that could not be repaired on site, he then offered that if I paid another $300 to ship it back to them, and then to again pay $300 to ship it back to me, they would consider doing something about it. I told them that I had paid to have the product shipped out to me in the 1st place and that they had shipped a defective product and I didn't think it was fair for him to suggest that to fix their mistake that I should pay an additional $600.00. He then told me I was out of luck.

I thought I was dealing with a reputable company, so I was very co-operative over the months to their suggestions even though I should have insisted on a new couch right at the begining. I had to call dozens of times to find out when they would get someone out here, only to get the run around. On 2 separate occasions they gave me email addresses to send information only to have them bounce back as undeliverable. I realize now that they were just wasting time until they could claim the warranty period of 1 year was up. Do not do business with these people if you can help it as they sell poor quality products and do not service the products they sell.


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