Walmart - Walmart Vision Center quality and service is a disaster

Posted on Sunday, April 13th, 2008 at 8:39am CDT by dff9e8e4

Product: eyeglasses, vision center

Company: Walmart

Location: 500 Summit Blvd
Broomfield, CO, 80021, US


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I brought my own brand new designer frames in and asked if they could fit them with lenses. They said no problem. The cost would be $80 per lens and a $20 processing fee, for a total of $180. After I gave them my money it was nothing but trouble. The first week I got a call that the lenses had to be sent back due to quality issues. The second week I drove to pick them up only to find out that it was the wrong prescription. The next week I got a call that the lenses came in too big. Two weeks after that I was told that they were in, went down to pick them up, only to find that the lenses were full of debris and when one of the attendants cleaned them up they ended up scratching the lenses due to the poor lens cutting job.

By this time I had had it. I must have spent over $30 in gas driving back and forth across the county over the month and a half they had my frames. The manager's reasoning (Andrel) for giving me a refund was that she was having to eat all the costs on these lenses and it was not worth it to her. Never mind that NONE of this was my fault. The manager was more interested in the bottom line than customer satisfaction. So, I went in to return the lenses yet again and the manager was not in. The vision attendant (Amanda) was extremely uncooperative and told me that she could not give me a refund because the manager was out to lunch and that I would have to wait for 30 minutes. I then asked her to call another manager to which she replied that another manager would not be able to help me. I then *insisted* that she call a manager to which she snidely replied, "I really don't understand what the problem is with the glasses." Ummm, do they *train* these people in customer service??? Once again, I insisted on speaking to a manager. She picked up the phone and told me that there was no other manager in. So, I got up, walked down to customer service, and low and behold, there I found a manager!! Imagine that? A manager in a store! The manager was extremely sympathetic and issued me a refund of $160, to which I interjected that I paid $180. Amanda, the lazy, unhelpful attendant piped in that $20 was a non-refundable processing fee. To which I responded, "for what? Are you saying that I should pay you for holding my frames for a month and a half and continually putting in defective lenses???" Thank goodness the kind manager was still there and promptly refunded me the additional $20. So, for all that hassle I lost $30 in gas, hours in time, gained a high degree of frustration, and got my $250 designer frames back with scratches and off-kilter hinges which I am uncertain can be repaired. Everything they say about the Walmart Vision Center is true. They suck!!


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787e2129, 2008-07-01, 10:05PM CDT

This is funny I went to my local walmart vision center trying to get a new pair of glasses because it was open and I didn't have to take time from work to get them.

I went to the store and picked out the frames I wanted, I got with the young lady to help my getting my order filled. She took all my information from my prescription and what type of lenses I was wanted. She entered everything into the computer and tells me that the final bill would be $408. I am about ready to pay for them when she tells me that for some reason the order could not be completed. She said there was something wrong with the frames I picked out. She asked if there was some other frames that would work for me. I picked out another type of frame, she enters everything back into the computer. With the same results as before.

She could not tell me why and what was wrong. So I told her to cancel the order and I will be going someplace else to buy my glasses.

Maybe walmart should spend some more time and money training there employee's.

0e6565f0, 2009-11-17, 11:06AM CST

This happened to me in the past too. Walmart strongly sugguests that you BUY the frames there. They hate it when you bring your own frames there for them to fill.

7ed884b0, 2011-01-05, 01:36PM CST

I was an optometrist at a Wal*Mart once - they didn't even have anyone in there who could verifiy a pair of glasses on a lensometer (basic function of optical personnel).

What you refer to is a "POF" charge - POF = patient own frame. Compensates for not making money on their $1 - $3 (cost) frames.

And -- amazingly -- since nobody was squawking much about this, they started charging it on ALL frames even their own if you didn't buy it that visit.

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