Parker Road Wood Yard - Do not buy firewood from Parker Road Wood Yard

Posted on Sunday, April 13th, 2008 at 8:52pm CDT by Hyla E.

Company: Parker Road Wood Yard

Location: 5770 S Central Expwy
McKinney, TX, 75069, US

Category: Other

Awful experience. I bought 1/4 cord for $75 and filled up the back end of my Honda CR-V. The attending guy barely helped with loading it. It was extremely heavy, so I didn't argue when I didn't quite get 1/4 cord because my back end of my car was already suffering. I also got a nail in my tire in their yard which then cost me $15 to get plugged.

Got the wood home and unloaded it all....again, very heavy wood. Well then I found out why it was so's unseasoned! I even resorted to putting duraflame logs under it and it still would only smoke!

Called them and tried to get it resolved but I had to end up paying $35 to stop payment on my check to them and asked that they come pick it up (I didn't want to haul their defective product back to them, as my car had suffered enough).

They didn't pick it up, they filed a complaint on the stop payment to the District Attorney's office. So now the DA's office has added fees and all to my bill (basically doubling it) and forcing me to pay 2X what I would have paid for a 1/4 cord of wood - plus I'm stuck with a load of wood that won't burn and the stop payment fee.

I've already filed a complaint to the BBB (but we all know how ineffective the BBB can be). At this time it is still unresolved. I'm contemplating taking them to small claims court for this.

In summary, here is what I would warn others about:

1) Parker Road Wood yard may sell you wood that won't burn (plus they may short you and won't help you load your wood)

2) They will not take any responsiblity for their selling you a defective product

3) They will not work with their customers to remedy a situation

4) They somehow can get a DA's office to work their case (for a measly $75 stop payment check)...this is amazing to me

5) They won't respond to BBB complaints


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