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Posted on Friday, April 11th, 2008 at 3:24pm CDT by d045f45f

Company: Walt Disney World

Location: Walt Disney World Guest Communications Executive Offices P.O. Box 10040 Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-0040
Orlando, Fl, 10040, US

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I have mailed a complaint almost a month ago to the executive offices with no response. I would love to get a phone number and speak to someone in person regarding my terrible experience in Walt Disney World. Please see the complaint letter:

To Whom it may concern,

In reference to the above reservation, I have just returned home from my vacation and was in pure disgust from the whole ordeal. I was at Walt Disney World with my family for the above mentioned wedding/vacation. The resorts the bride and groom chose for the guests to stay were either Disney All Star, Disney Port Orleans Riverside and Disney Beach Club. I had to choose one of the three in order to get the group discount and all arrangements were done solely though group reservations.

While booking 3 rooms at Disney Port Orleans Riverside back in August, I requested two rooms with king size beds and one standard room all near each other. I needed a king size bed because I have a 2 year old whom I was not sure would sleep in the portable crib, therefore there was the option of having her sleep with my husband and I. The second king size bed was for my in-laws, which my handicap mother in-law needed with a bad back. The booking agent stated that the request would be submitted for the king beds, if they are available we would definitely get them but made me aware that the standard room would probably not be next door to the king size rooms. I agreed and stressed as long as that room was on the same floor it would be fine.

Once we arrived to the resort nothing was as requested, all three rooms were standard. I than spoke to Lisa Maria Yearwood the resort manager and explained my situation. She stated that when you book with group reservations, because you are receiving a discount there is no such thing as requesting king size beds. All the rooms reserved for the wedding party are always standard rooms. I was furious because the group reservations agent should have made me aware of this instead of lying to me. Lisa Maria called group reservations and spoke to the agent who booked my reservation and she admitted saying that if king size beds were available we would get them. Lisa Maria came back to me and said that group reservations are not trying to resolve the matter in any way and there was nothing she could do because she did not have the king size beds available.

I explained to her I don??t care where I was staying I want another moderate resort or better with the exact criteria??s which I needed and was promised. After hours of back and fourth in the lobby, no room and a hungry child the best options Lisa Marie could come up with was either 2 rooms with king size beds, near each other and the standard room in another building or 1 king size room and 2 standard rooms all in the same building on the same floor. Neither one of them was what I asked for and basically I had to settle for the one king size bed leaving my handicap mother in-law to sleep in a standard bed. Lisa Maria did credit us $50 per room for the time we wasted there arguing, so that we can use the money on dinner. My husband and his family have been to Walt Disney World numerous times, as have I, but they always stayed inside Disney resorts where I have not. I have to admit, I am not impressed at all by the Disney hospitality. I have received better treatment, spending far less money, on hotels outside of Disney World with practically all the exact amenities.

That was just the beginning, I had dinner reservations at Cinderella??s Royal Table on March 17th and my daughter was sick. She had 102 fever early that afternoon. We were in The Magic Kingdom, so we took a walk over to Cinderella??s Royal Table and explained the situation. The manager came out, saw the baby and explained the only thing she could do was cancel the reservation. She also stated if the baby was feeling better, even though there were no physical reservations available in the computer all I had to do was go to guest services in the hotel lobby, they could call Cinderella??s Royal Table direct and I would get a reservation fit in due to the circumstances. Well, when the baby did start to feel better I did as the manager said and guest services could never get through the telephone lines to Cinderella??s Royal Table. It seems to me that Disney employees just say things to appease you for the time being and then it??s all a bunch of lies.

After a few days there, a message was left on my room phone from Hurley Francois (another resort manager) asking how the rest of my stay was going. I called him back and explained the situation with the group reservations lying to me about the rooms which were promised. I stated that if the truth was told from the beginning, I would have not reserved through group reservations. I would have paid full price for the rooms and would have been able to stay where I wanted, get the rooms I wanted and been able to purchase the dinning plan which I could not purchase. That alone would have saved us more money than the discount from the group reservations on the rooms! I told Hurley the $150 credit Lisa Maria had given us for dinner does not nearly cover the time, aggravation and money that it is costing us for a party of 6 for meals every day. I could have purchased the dinning plan if I was given proper information while booking the trip. Hurley apologized and told me he would look into the matter further. I received another call the following day stating that Hurley was giving us each 2 day hopper passes which are good through 2030. The gesture was appreciated but that is Walt Disney??s way of securing another visit to ??The Magic Kingdom??.

Even as we were checking out through the Disney Magic Express, we were inconvenienced. The resort representative took our flight information and stated that it was requested by Continental Airlines that we check in at the airport. I demanded an explanation and was told it was due to the fact that I was traveling with a child who is a minor. Once arriving at the airport I explained what occurred at the resort and the airline representative stated the information given to me was ludicrous and the resort representative simply did not want do the work checking us in. I believe that the Walt Disney World employees and their partners should be held accountable for misinformation given to guests. I do not think that I have been properly compensated for the entire inconvenience which occurred throughout my vacation. Overall, I was very dissatisfied with the hospitality I have received and I am not sure if I would ever return to a Disney Resort again.


Mrs. Roseanna Schone


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2513495b, 2008-08-03, 08:16PM CDT

I am a former resort cast member, It sounds to me like the problem is with the reservations office, not the resort. Room types and locations are never guaranteed anywhere, its like that at any hotel, not just Disney, but since there are more families at Disney and their resorts are almost always full its ever harder to get what you request since everyone wants the same "perfect" room. It sounds like the manager was trying to help you to the best of her ability, obviously the hotel was full and nothing could be done, it has nothing to do with hospitality because she offered you dinner and you recieved follow-up calls. Hopefully their reservations office will settle your complaint, they are the ones at fault for giving you wrong information. Also, the airline checkin at the resort is not operated by Disney, the staff that refused to check you in are not Disney cast members, they are outsourced from a 3rd party company that offers that service. I must tell you that this is a very typical complaint at the resorts, when I used to work there we got these kind of complaints everyday. Good luck.

e760873a, 2008-10-25, 02:46PM CDT

What's a "Disney"?

ce6acb2e, 2010-08-30, 01:43PM CDT

Requests are requests; confirmations are confirmations. Requests are NOT confirmations. This is a classic misunderstanding due to someone's limit of the language. Disney can learn from this and stress what a "request" means to the Customer if Disney chooses to use this term.

94326a0e, 2012-02-18, 02:19PM CST



T. C. F., 2013-02-27, 01:06PM CST

Reality is sometimes a hard pill to swallow, so get you a big glass of water and start slurping... because here we go.


In your original post you even said; "The booking agent stated that the request would be submitted for the king beds, if they are available we would definitely get them but made me aware that the standard room would probably not be next door to the king size rooms. I agreed and stressed as long as that room was on the same floor it would be fine."

Let's break that down and look at some key points and words:

"The booking agent stated that the request would be submitted for the king beds..." Request... The booking agent didn't state that anything was confirmed.

"...if they are available we would definitely get them but made me aware that the standard room would probably not be next door to the king size rooms." If... probably... Again, the booking agent confirmed NOTHING and promised you NOTHING so your request guarantees you NOTHING.

"I agreed and stressed as long as that room was on the same floor it would be fine." You willingly accepted and agreed that nothing was promised, but then you decide that you're entitled.

You stated there were six people in your party with at least one of which being two years old. Then you stated that the company gave you $150 for meals. Did you expect the company to treat your party of six to dinner at The Grand Floridian's Victoria & Albert's? The company offering you $150 is a gesture in good faith, which they didn't have to do in the first place since you had no guarantee for what you were now demanding once you got there. For a party of six, $150 is sufficient [undue] compensation towards one meal. Lastly you stated that the company gave "each" of you a 2 day park hopper pass good through 2030. Lady... let me breakdown those tickets for you since it seems you didn't: a 2 day ticket per adult is $176 each, and $164 each per child. So that's $1,044.00 for your six tickets. Then add on the Park Hopper Option at $57 per ticket. That's another $342.00. We can't forget that the State of Florida wants their cut, so add on $90.12 in Florida sales tax. Lady... the value of those six free tickets is $1,476.12. Add that to the $150 they already gave you and you're now at $1,626.12. The company owes you NOTHING more, especially since they owed you NOTHING to begin with.

75d53cc3, 2014-11-12, 11:00PM CST

TCF, thank you, a breath of fresh air. a request is NEVER guaranteed. EVER. at any hotel, disney or otherwise.

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