MediPharma English Services - MediPharma English Services Rips Off Freelancers

Posted on Thursday, April 10th, 2008 at 11:05pm CDT by 69140a60

Company: MediPharma English Services

Location: 17 Royal Birkdale Crescent NW
Calgary, Al, T3G 5R4, US


Category: Other

Beware of MediPharma English Services of Calgary, Alberta!

If you're looking for medical editing services in Calgary, Alberta Canada, or you are an editor looking for a freelance position, stay far, far away from MediPharma English Services.

MediPharma English Services ( is a scam. I was an editor there for 3 months and edited a half-dozen medical manuscripts for their clients. I've never received payment for my services.

Contrary to what is written on the site, MediPharma is run by a single individual, Ms. Fatima Formadi. Besides MediPharma, Ms. Formadi has been busy starting a variety of fraudulent businesses, such as:

* A-Plus Transcription Services

* M&P Associates

* KCC International

I am an experienced editor who has always been praised by other companies for my work. I edited six highly technical medical manuscripts for her (which requires a Ph.D. to do, by the way). After each, I never heard any complaints and was promised payment for my services. Formadi kept delaying and delaying, promising week after week that payment would soon arrive.

Us freelancers recognize this as the typical scammer modus operandi.

MediPharma is a fraud, pure and simple. I am in the process of pursuing legal action against Formadi. She is shameless!


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