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Posted on Thursday, April 10th, 2008 at 4:33pm CDT by 0e1cef06

Company: 123DJ

Location: chicago, IL, US

URL: http://123dj.com/

Category: Other

I bought an American DJ CD mixing package through 123DJ. I bought it through Neal. The retail on it was $699.00. I called, and he said he would give it to me for $499.00. He charged my card $699. For the past two months, I have been trying to get the money back. Cathy tells me she put the credit through. Even though she has no authorization numbers. I call every day and will continue to call every day until they get so tired they will refund the money thats rightfully mine. DONT shop there. I just had to return an IDJ2 system after 1 hour. Neal said he sent out the system two weeks ago. I never got it. He lied about the packing slip. I had to go through my credit card company to get the money back. This is a slipshop operation... I will never do business with these people again once this is done. Even though it doesn't seem like it wants to get over. Thanks Neal. You should be locked up. You are a crook...


7fd81ccb, 2008-04-30, 10:37PM CDT

I am really done with 123dj and their BS. I recently made a purchase and paid extra to have it shipped to me in 3 days. It got to me 8 days later and I still have not recieved my free headphones, or credit to my account. When they say they will call you right back, don't hold your breath.

a9765262, 2010-03-01, 12:25PM CST

yea i have benn doin busness with them for a while and everything i order never comes with my free headphones lol nit that im complaning they are free but i dont understand why lieing is nessisary

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