American Airlines - American Airlines, a gross INCONVENIENCE

Posted on Thursday, April 10th, 2008 at 11:47am CDT by 37c5bb51

Company: American Airlines

Location: US


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On Friday, April 4th my husband and I were looking forward to our weekend travel plans. Joined by my brother-in-law, the three of us set out early that morning to catch our 9am flight from Dulles (IAD) to Dallas Fort Worth (DFW). As members of a wedding party, we were all expected to be present for a rehearsal later that evening. Although our plane was the first flirhgt of the day, it became apparent that a major repair had been overlooked. Intermittent updates throughout the morning gave us hope that our flight would be ready to depart: we will be ready to board after our engineers analyze the cockpit door repairs, we are contacting area airports to find the part to fix the cockpit door, the part has been located and will be delivered on a plane arriving at 1pm , ladies and gentlemen we are unable to locate the part needed to repair the cockpit door, etc.

Finally, our flight had been officially cancelled at 10:30am. With panic and frustration setting in, would-be passengers crowded ticket counters eager to book seats on any available flights. It was soon revealed that the next available flights would be departing from Reagan National Airport. Aware that we would now be late for the wedding rehearsal, we scrambled to reserve three seats on the next flight, obtain a taxi voucher and retrieve our checked luggage; we hastily made our way to DCA for a 3:30pm AA flight.

Unsure of our reservation status, we approached the counter at DCA's gate 28 to inquire about our seats. Once the AA reps realized our flight wasn't currently boarding, we were rudely dismissed and asked to come back later. After hearing that our original flight would be delayed for repairs, after having our original flight canceled, after traveling all the way from IAD to DCA, and after waiting in countless lines all morning, we patiently agreed to wait once again.

At last, we had a chance to speak with AA representative Yvette Harrington at gate 28. After verifying that we three indeed had seats for the 3:30pm flight, my husband respectfully inquired about receiving compensation for a cancelled flight. Ms. Harrington explained that a broken cockpit door was considered a safety issue and was therefore not considered an "inconvenience" worthy of compensatory damages. Without any acknowledgement that a damaged plane and cancelled flight were indeed major inconveniences, we were shocked by Ms. Harrington's inappropriately hurtful response when she said, "No, that's not an inconvenience sir; an inconvenience would be falling out of the sky."

Needless to say, we were so disgusted by Ms. Harrington's callous insensitivity towards our welfare that we will never fly with American Airlines again. In light of recent national safety inspections of AA aircraft, I expect to receive more timely and accurate information regarding my travel plans. I urge you to consider these comments carefully before endorsing American Airlines in the future.


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