Posted on Tuesday, April 1st, 2008 at 2:46pm CDT by e527e91d

Product: Banking

Company: US Bank

Location: Davis, Ca, 95616, US

Category: Other

US Bank. Lets call it extortion. I set up an account (1-534-5021-9255) with US Bank in Davis California so I could have a debit card to use occasionally on the Internet. I can not get a credit card due to poor credit. I kept a very small balance in the account so that I could control it and not allow unauthorized charges to occur. After having the account for over a year or so with it operating just as I intended, an unauthorized charge occurred and US Bank let it happen. Of course that put the account in the red and then US Bank started putting fees on top of the unauthorized charge putting it further into the red. As soon as I got my statement, I brought it to US Banks attention that there was an unauthorized charge and they reversed the charge but never took their fees off. I got all sorts of excuses but no results. Before the unauthorized charge went through, my account had a balance of about $20 in it, now US Bank wants over $300 to clear the account. In addition US Bank has reported me to a bank clearing house and no other bank will give me an account until I satisfy US Bank. I call that extortion. If I did the same type of thing, I would go to prison for extortion, in banking is that the way it is? That is wrong.


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