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Posted on Tuesday, April 1st, 2008 at 1:15pm CDT by aee47709

Company: Chase

Location: PO Box 15153
Wilmington, DE, 19886-5153, US


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No April fool's day joke. Very horrendous customer services. The 2 women I spoke to were aggressively rude, wouldn't let me talk and then said I was wrong. *They* kept saying, you aren't letting me talk. They would jump right in before I could explain what I was seeing on my bill and telling me the dates listed on my bill weren't the actual dates. Whatever.

Basically, I sent in a credit card payment (always paid in full and on time) and it appears they tried to put it through on a Sunday, when my credit union is closed. They then charged me a $39 fee for returned payment on the same day they put the check through again and received full payment. This all happened about a week before the payment was actually due.

When I called to find out about it, I was talked to snidely, condescendingly and laughed at. They said they would put me on hold but basically put me on mute and left me there for several minutes. I was talking with my husband about what our credit union account said and the CS person tried to take that info and use it against me. Thing is, the credit union never lists a bounced check or charges us a fee for a bounced check nor did they contact us about a bounced check. All of which they do. We've had it happen before when they've had to take money out of our savings to cover the checking.

I did, finally, get that $39 fee waived. But I worked hard to get that fee removed and was upset and had knots in my stomach by the time I was done. Why couldn't they have just done it when I first called instead of treating me so poorly?

I hung up and called back immediately asking to speak with a supervisor (I did not get one the first time around) and closed the account. She ridiculously said that if I were to re-open the account at a later time it would be based on my credit at the time. I laughed and said that I will NEVER deal with Chase in any circumstances. From reading complaints out here, seems their auto and home financial services are staffed by the same inept pool of hired workers. I wonder if they get points and a bonus based on those points for how rudely they are to people. Amazing. Maybe there is a class, How to Be Rude, 101.

I am actually afraid to deal with them after reading the complaints out here. And I will monitor my credit score (which is excellent) to make sure they don't mess with it.

I've dealt with several other credit card companies in the past and have never been treated so poorly. I also have a Bank of America card which was a back up card and will soley use that one from now on. You should only have one credit card anyway. Easier to keep track of.

Now, in a couple of months, I will request my free credit report to double check they weren't completely evil. I just can't trust my hard earned, excellent credit record to be ruined by people who can't even be nice. If my home mortgage ever gets transferred to them, I will immediately refinance. I can't imagine having to deal with this low level of service on something so important as my house!

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44d1b92e, 2010-09-15, 12:15AM CDT

I agree. I also have an account with Chase Amazon. I still have a balance on my account but once it is paid off I will never use Chase again. I paid my account on line on the due date which goes through til midnight, but they said since I paid it online it has to be paid before 4pm. They were going to charge me $39. as a late fee; instead they reversed the late fee and then had me pay 14.99 for paying them over the phone. I was very angry and because of 14.99 I will never use Chase again. They deserve it since they treat their customers poorly and they steal money from people like us who keep them in business. As my dad used to say: "At least Jessie James wore a mask!" I only use credit cards for emergencies, like I did in this instance, because I had to pay the stupid government. Otherwise I pay all my credit card balances in full every month, to avoid finance charges; or I use promotional cards to charge those that I can't pay in full in a month. Thank God, the new administration has put in new laws to help consumers to not get ripped off from credit card companies.

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