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Posted on Tuesday, April 1st, 2008 at 11:37am CDT by 6f4d3b4a

Product: Rebate

Company: Bridgevine

Location: 2770 Indian River Boulevard, Suite 501
Vero Beach, Fl, 32960, US


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They did not honor my rebate of $300.00 and made me wait for 24 weeks to finally give me a conclusive reason for denial.

Every representative I talked to had a different story or had a bad attitude towards me and most refuse to help me.


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177838f0, 2008-05-07, 10:05AM CDT

Thanks for the tip! I was just about to sign up with and realized it is Bridgevine! I knew it was a scam when they asked for payment up front for the router and modem.

4eb0f8c9, 2008-05-23, 09:56PM CDT

Bridgevine is a big bunch of lying bastards.

Don't trust them as they are thieving bastards.

f34bf838, 2008-06-04, 07:38AM CDT

I had to send an e-mail to Bridgevine to find out that my rebate was turned down. No explanation.

Now that I see all the complaints I urge all to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. They can't solve your individual complaint but can launch a fraud investigation.

Here's the link$.startup?Z_ORG_CODE=PU01

I'm not familiar with message boards so please circulate this message as much as you can.

699ee469, 2008-07-31, 08:02PM CDT

Why does Comcast make it so complicated to get the rebates that were promised? It is unclear when you are supposed to apply for them. There is no notice sent when these rebates are due for claiming. I have not been able to determine either the date the rebates matured or their expiration date. I had to go back and try to find the original order confirmation e-mail, and since I have several e-mail addresses and I get 100s of

messages, it took forever to find it. Then when I click on the link to claim the rebates, I get a duplicate receipt message? I tried the search function on the site and there is no result after I enter the data that supposedly will bring them up.

I sent a message to the customer service e-mail address, and unless it was filtered out as spam, I received no response. I have tried searching thru my junk mail folder with no success to find a reply that probably never came. I called Comcast and they cant help me other than to give me a phone number to call for customer service. I tried calling that number and as I am typing this, I have been wasting 15 minutes of my time listening to a very obnoxious jingle and hold voice message repeat endlessly. My rage is building to the point I am ready to drop all of my service and go with other companies to replace this expensive triple-play that I am being overcharged for. When my special reduced price

deals run out and it gets more expensive, I am also not notified in advance to switch my plan. That happened to me before. yes, they expect you to remember how long their reduced cost cable offer lasts. Then, you are supposed to ask what other packages they have set up special for the customer to save you money. Well, all the sudden it kicks in and your bill jumps up maybe as much as 50 or 100 dollars. You call in, enraged that they didnt bother to tell you it is expiring, but, sorry, you owe the money. Then the poor customer service scapegoat, who feels your rage offers you the next special deal that will expire and cost you a ton of money down the line when you forget the verbal expiration date they give you on the phone. Doesnt that seem like a scam too? Sure it does, but it is all probably totally legal and doesnt qualify as a deceptive business practice.

So, back to the rebate issue. For what purpose is Comcast farming out these offers to rebate companies? The only reason I can come up with is to try to avoid paying them out to the customers! It is convoluted, confusing, deceptive, and seems to be a deliberate way to make it so inconvenient that people give up or forget they even have them coming and when they are supposed to be paid. Why arent the rebates just credited to peoples Comcast bills? Wouldnt that save them the fees they have to pay out to Bridgevine to administer the rebates for them? I dont know. Does Bridgevine pay for itself with the money saved from customers like me who didnt know when they matured or expired?

and why is this so maddeningly difficult and time-consuming? So they can just not have to pay and further overcharge customers and to blame the non-payment of promised rebates on the customers failure to claim? As I write this I am still on hold with a company I am not even sure what the name is. I think it is Bridgevine, as the message it took me forever to find states, but the Comcast customer service person said something about going online to or something similar before I insisted that I need to have a phone number and talk to a rep from the rebate company. The only thing I can figure is this is a scam to avoid paying the promised rebates to the customers that deserve them. Is Bridgevine hired to prevent money going out from Comcast to their customers and therefore earn their fees by saving Comcast this money never paid out?

After 40 minutes an operator finally has picked up and it is Comcast again and not Bridgevine. Then they put me on hold again. It is now 40 minutes and counting of my evening spare time, which I have little of. I am infuriated. After more time on hold I was finally connected with a person representing Bridgevine. This person told me the rebate was expired. I tried asking why Comcast does not credit the rebate directly to the customer and was told Comcast has nothing to do with administering the rebates and that the money for the rebates does not even come from Comcast. That threw me and I was unable to understand the explanation. If it is a rebate for Comcast services, how is that money generated and paid out to the customers of Comcast? I got some kind of convoluted information about many types of offers and services that Bridgevine offers which generates the monies paid in the rebates.

Why does none of that make any sense? I give up. Without shouting in anger to this poor person in India or somewhere, who was trying to explain why I will get no rebate, I said something to the effect that Comcast should directly pay the rebate, because the system as it is so confusing and complex that people are going to just lose it and never get paid, like me. I hung up, proud at my restraint from screaming and cursing from my enormous frustration and anger. She was just the messenger, and I didnt want to shoot the messenger here, but I am so infuriated that I was totally screwed out of the promised rebate and basically blamed for this loss, rather than blaming the absurdly inept system in place. Is this a deliberate practice designed to prevent payouts? Is the money really not coming from Comcast when the person getting them jumps thru the hoops at the correct window of opportunity and fills out the forms that I will not be able to fill out because the rebate offer expired before I could claim it? I just wasted an hour of time, finding out I had been robbed of the rebate, because I didnt jump thru these hoops? Does Comcast, as a business entity care about individual customers rage about this issue? Is there any possible redress of my grievance? I lose my stinking $150 bucks and an hour of my time spent stressing out in anger. Does Comcast have high customer satisfaction ratings? No. Is it deserved? Yes.

What can I do about this latest example of infuriating business practices by this corporate giant, which has angered me for the umpteenth time about my bill(s) for their services? I have had many problems with their practices and customer service before, but this one is so unbelievably aggravating that it is off the scale. I wish it was easy to replace them with their competitors, but that is costly and if I use another company (or three) to replace this triple play, am I wasting time trading one set of aggravating circumstances for another? I have had my share of problems over the years with Cavtel and Verizon for phone and internet. Verizon, despite offering me its triple play by mail numerous times, has no fios in my neighborhood, so I cant get the triple play from them that they keep offering me.

Do I want a satellite TV service? Can I just get Cable TV thru a website yet? Where is the IP TV that I want? It is just one big annoying, expensive joke of a mess, and I have decided there is no satisfaction from these things. I will have trouble with Comcast or Verizon or whoever, but my limited choices and the inconvenience of switching from one insensitive greedy corporate giant to another make this an exercise in guaranteed frustration and anger. Ive wasted time and energy again and all I get is the same old nightmare. It never ends. I must get used to it. It will never go away. Oh well. F**k me.

3266a371, 2008-08-03, 12:52AM CDT

Thank you everybody for the comments.

I was just about to place an order for Comcast High Speed but decided to come here first and check it out. This is one high speed potential customer who Bridgevine is not going to get....

2a54db0a, 2008-09-17, 01:57AM CDT

Hi I just wanted to let you know that I totally agree with you. This company is nothing but a big scam. They make all of these promises and then for some reason find ways to get around them. For instance the promised rebates can not be cashed in until you have had at least 2 months of service. The problem is that you have to use the rebate for the time you ordered the service and not when it actually was set up. So what they do is not send your equipment out right away and that way you have no way of getting your full 60 days of service in before the rebate that your forced to use expires. On top of that they claim to give you a rebate that makes your modem free but that is not true either because they sell the modem for $50 and the rebate covers $39.99 only. What I would like to do is put together a class action lawsuit to sue not only Bridgevine but also the companies that they represent since these companies allow Bridgevine to screw their customers and do nothing about it. If your interested in joining me in this lawsuit endeavor please email me at [email protected]

Ken Barrette

89ca32a9, 2008-10-07, 02:30PM CDT

Bridgevine rebate is a scam! They did not honor my rebate of $100. I waited for 5 months only to hear them say my rebate was invalid because I cancelled my service. My service was never cancelled and they wanted to scam me out of my rebate.

0ae81b41, 2008-10-28, 03:15PM CDT

NEVER BUY FROM BRIDGEVINE. YOU WILL NOT RECIEVE YOUR REBATE. I ordered a modem and router through bridgevine and supposedly internet service through them for Time Warner - Road Runner. In order to get the rebate I had to be signed up for Time Warner through Bridgevine for 2 months. Well bridgevine got my $100 for the modem and router, but didn't sign me up for the service. When I contacted them through email, I recieved incompetent responces and never recieved help on how to sign up for the service without being sent another router and modem. Bridgevine phone customer service may not even exist because I never got through, and gave up after an hour. This would all be fine if i could return the modem and router to bridgevine but they charge 20% for restocking, plus the $15 originally to ship the product, plus anouther $15 to ship back to them. Essentially it would cost me $50 just to return the products. At this point I am cutting my losses because even if i figured my problem out, i never want to do business with them again.

Does anyone know anywhere to report a shady company like this? Or other places to post. I don't want other people to get burned by this company.

e4b6c97f, 2008-12-14, 05:28PM CST A.K.A. Bridgevine, is a "Third Party" that sells Comcast packages for more money than dealing with your local Comcast business office.

The current High Speed Internet promotion for $150 cash back, a free $59.95 cable modem after rebate + $14.95 shipping fee, $33 for the first three months and $59.95 there after.

This package will cost you $503.50 +Tax for your first year if you're fortunate enough to actually receive the rebates. If you give up fighting for the promised promotional hook, plan on paying $713.45 +Tax.

If you purchase your own modem for around $60, and contact your Local Comcast vendor via telephone to order Internet service for $29.95 +Tax a month for the first year. You will only have a bill for $419.40 +Tax.

I took the time research all of the options before blindly jumping into a "Web Search Scam". I hope this helps someone before you endure the burden of being scammed.... Lefty Bassist

fef7ff5e, 2008-12-20, 05:03PM CST


I saw the following deal on their website and signed up for it.Later it turned out that the rate is good for 6 months only. I somehow managed to get the rebates for the modem (20.00 from D-Link +39.95 from Bridgevine).They had told me I didn't have to do any thing for the cash back bonus and I would get it in 10-14 weeks. Now when I ask them, they tell me I should have sent in the rebate forms for cash back too, which happens to be the case. That way I won't be getting my cash back for $ 225.They intentionally hid that information from me then. They are also not gonna do any thing about the promotional rate for the 12 months. I feel lied to and taken advantage of.

Product Details

Name: Double Play - TV and Internet with Power Boost

Price: $66.00 Per Month

Current Promotion: $225 Cash Back

Description: Customer qualifies for a $225 Cash Back rebate when purchasing Comcast High

Speed Internet and Digital Cable services from this site.

Expiration Date: September 30, 2008 11:59 PM

Disclaimer: Customer must order service from this site. Customer must complete rebate form

and mail all required documentation to address listed on rebate forms. Please see rebate forms for complete details.

Current Promotion: $66.00 for 12 Months

Description: $66.00 for 12 Months

Disclaimer: Offer ends 09/30/08, is only available in wired and serviceable areas in

participating Comcast systems (and may not be transferred) and is limited to residential customers satisfying applicable eligibility criteria. Offer not available to customers with unpaid account balances. Offer limited to Starter Digital Cable and 6.0 Mbps High Speed Internet service. Requires subscription to both services. AFTER THE 12 MONTH PROMOTIONAL PERIOD, OR IF ANY SERVICE IS CANCELLED OR DOWNGRADED, REGULAR CHARGES APPLY. YOU MAY CANCEL SERVICE BY CALLING 1-800-COMCAST. For Comcast??s current monthly service charge for the advertised services, please provide your service address information where indicated on this site to locate pricing for your area. Digital Cable and High-Speed Internet service limited to a single outlet. Service subject to Comcast standard terms and conditions. Prices shown do not include equipment and installation charges, taxes, and franchise fees. May not be combined with other offers. Cable Service: Certain services available separately or as a part of other levels of service. Basic service subscription required to receive other levels of service. Not all programming available in all areas. On Demand selections subject to charge indicated at the time of purchase. Converter and remote required to receive certain services. HD programming limited to the programming provided to Comcast in HD format. High Speed Service: Powerboost provides bursts of download and upload speeds for the first 10 MB and 5 MB of a file, respectively. Many factors affect speed. Actual speeds vary and are not guaranteed. Cable modem required. Not all features, including McAfee, compatible with Macintosh systems. Call for restrictions and complete details. Comcast ??2008. All rights reserved. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners

Current Promotion: Free Wireless Router, After Rebates

Description: Purchase price of the D-Link wireless router is $59.95. Bridgevine is providing a

$39.95 cash back rebate and D-Link is providing a $20.00 cash back rebate. Visit to receive rebates.

Expiration Date: September 30, 2008 11:59 PM

Disclaimer: Customer must order service from this site. Customer must complete rebate form

and mail all required documentation to address listed on rebate forms. Please see rebate forms for complete details.

Current Promotion: With Optional HD Service

Expiration Date: September 30, 2008 11:59 PM

57fa4601, 2009-02-17, 08:38PM CST

I placed an order with bridgevine back in november for cable service @ $33 per month for 6 months. I've been charged $59.95 every month and have been calling them this whole time. Every time, they say they'll look into it and the corporate office will call back. Of course, they won't correct the bill and won't call back.

a313fd39, 2009-02-25, 11:07AM CST

This is is concerning a rebate partnered with Bridgevine and Comcast. I purchased a router and cable modem for $40.00 each from Bridgevine with a promised rebate of the full amount of the purchase. In addition, when I initiated High Speed connection with Comcast, an additional $100.00 rebate was offered. I completed rebate forms for each of these carefully adhering to all specified instructions. I mailed all forms on September 9, 2008 and have not received any rebates from them yet. I have called numerous times and have gotten nothing but runaround. Please help stop this thieving practice. I feel that Bridgevine is nothing but a bunch of thieving bastards!!!!

ad228752, 2009-06-27, 10:42AM CDT

I ordered COmcast Internet and TV bundle on Feb 5, 2009. It was installed the next day and I sent in the rebate form for $200 the next day. I called and called for the next four months and NO rebate check. Then I googled "bridgevine rebates" and found all the complaints of scams by everyone. SO I called the local TV station help line and he told me to contact PA attorney general. Wrong! So I kept searching and found the "Internet Crime Complaint Center" (IC3). Within 4 days of filling the complaint, I received a check.

614e2d1e, 2010-02-08, 12:30PM CST

I'm sorry that you are having problems with your rebate. I'm an employee of Bridgevine and may be able to get this issue resolved for you. Around the time that you ordered the company that handled our rebate filed bankruptcy and this might have something to do with your issues. Please email me your order confirmation number and any other information that you may have and I'll personally look into this matter for you.


Mark Ballard

[email protected]

5c51990e, 2010-05-26, 12:10PM CDT

I have read the numerous complaints about Bridgevine an "authorized" retailer for Comcast. I need not repeat my story except to comment that Bridgevine is an internet ripoff! Too bad that comcast does not sever their relationship; perhaps all the consumers who have had these problems should contact Comcast. Or better yet an aggressive AG office should enforce the Consumer Fraud Act.

92a1c63c, 2010-08-02, 05:20PM CDT

i confirm that bridgevine and offerwire "are" a scam. I called in today 8/2/2010 and i talked to one of the representatives and they processed my order without me even confirming the order and when i tried to cancel it they put me on hold for 25 minutes the first time then ask me to call this number (1-877-881-6542), no one will ever answer this number and that if you call the (1-888-375-4888) they will tell you that the number is not currently in use and will ask you to be one hold for another 30 minutes or so. After all of that she will give you the same number all over again. And so i called the real "comcast" and they said that they do not have authorized retailers...... so i was pretty speechless

anyways, if you sign up on offerwire or bridgevine..... my best advise is to cancel your credit card.... fast

fd4380b5, 2010-08-03, 11:32PM CDT

They riped me off also I called Charter told them I only wanted service hooked up that I had my own equipment. So they came hooked me up all was well until a package came in the mail from Bridgvine with a D-link Dir-601 wireless router that I did not need. I sent it back charter has no record of it I have all the tracking info on the shipment back to bridgevine, but no reply or refund of $64.95 I need help getting my money back.. From these theives.....

d353398e, 2010-09-07, 02:22PM CDT

Bridgevine/Offerwire charged me $54.95 for a wireless router. After contacting Comcast directly, I learned they would provide a router free of charge. I phoned Bridgevine within 2 hours to have the order cancelled and was told that it had already shipped. Their resolution? Ship it back and we'll credit you less the $14.95 shipping charge.

01607438, 2010-10-27, 03:25PM CDT

Add me to the list. This company is definitely taking money left and right and are not paying people back. DO NOT ORDER internet services through

5ecf0d91, 2012-01-27, 03:26PM CST

Unfortunately for me, I have become involved with Bridgevine, but not for cable. It turns out that I signed up for this Christmas for a deal they had on the Xbox 360 MDW game for my nephew. I ordered, they shipped, and FedEx was unable to find my address and I had left my phone at my parent's on accident so that when FedEx contacted me I did not get the message. The game was shipped back to the shipper which turns out to be Bridgevine, Inc. I have emailed them 3 times and saved all the drafts from each email and have included the info from FedEx down to the last detail of what time it arrived back at Bridgevine and even who accepted the return. Now it seems I am out $55.27, and no game for my nephew who has been patiently waiting all this time for his game. That was the only thing that he wanted for Xmas. I am about to call Bridgevine, Inc to talk with someone regarding this issue and if I do not get any satisfaction, I will be contacting Contact 6 and have them look into it. I thank you all for having posted all this even though my problem has nothing to do with Comcast or cable, its seems this company has branched out and has found other ways to scam people.

9c6080ea, 2012-06-15, 02:25PM CDT

for anyone with rebate problems, I work for Bridgevine and will resolve your rebate problem if you send me your order number and any other information that you may have regarding your order.

Thank You,

Mike Bass

[email protected]

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