Papa Johns Pizza - BAD SERVICE!!!!

Posted on Sunday, September 9th, 2007 at 2:54am CDT by ae87e209

Product: None

Company: Papa Johns Pizza

Location: 1429 11TH AVE S
Birmingham, AL, 35205-3402, US


Category: Other

Around 12am, CDT early 09/09/07, I ordered an X-large, with pepperoni and mushrooms, with a side order of garlic sticks. The Papa Johns location didn't close until 2am. They informed me it would be an 1.5 hours before the driver could get to me. I gave them my credit card info and the order went through. I waited for almost 2 hours. The driver arrived at the gate. However, the gate closed. So, the driver appeared to be looking up my code. I was standing outside waiting. Then the driver turned around and took off. The management didn't even call me to tell me the driver was present. The employees or management never called me to inform me of the driver's status. I was treated like dirt. To anyone, in the Birmingham area, don't order any pizza from Papa Johns. They will do you like they did me.

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1e903b2d, 2008-08-25, 04:33PM CDT

This doesn't make sense.

You claim that the driver showed up and everything, yet you needed them to call you and tell you he was there?

Since he was there, why didn't you go up to him and tell him?

A better question would be why didn't you give him your gate code while you were placing your order just incase the gate closed?

You were clearly at fault here, not Papa Johns. I strongly recommend Papa Johns to anyone in the Birmingham area.

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