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Posted on Friday, September 7th, 2007 at 9:38am CDT by 649c1a4f

Product: faucetdirect.com return policy

Company: faucetdirect.com Improvement Direct

Location: 1330 Fortress St.
Chico, CA, 95973, US

URL: http://www.faucetdirect.com

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Here is the situation:

I ordered three items from facetdirect.com and I paid for it using my creditcard. They shipped it via Conway freight and I only received two items instead of three. So I called facetdirect and I inquired as to where abouts of my bathtub. Now remember, soon as I found out that item were going to be delivered, I notified my contractor to start working on the bathroom remodeling.

After speaking to customer representativeafter two weeks, they finally admitted that Conway lost the tub but they will not refund my money until their investigation is complete 7 to 8 weeks. I asked "why? I had nothing to do with it. This is between you and the shipper". They said it was their policy and they could not help me. So I asked them who was going to pay for the interest charges incurred while I wait for my money back? They said they were not responsible. So I called my CC company and I am going to refute the charges.

My situation might be rare but if it happens you are sh*t out of luck.

P.s. here is an email exchange between me and them.


"Original Request:

"SITE: faucetdirect


Subject: Missing tub

Order Number: XXXXX

Phone Number: XXXXX

Preferred Contact: email

Phone: XXXXX

Request Text:


I called earlier today and spoke to Eva(?) about my missing item from order number XXXXX. The item that is missing is K-721 (Kohler Fixture Tub (White)). Conway freight only delivered the K-3384-2 and K-7161-AF and stated that these were the only two items to be shipped. Can you resolve this issue as soon as possible? I have contractor waiting for the delivery so that they can start installing. Thank you. You can reach via email: XXXXX or my cell phone at XXXXX. Thank you.XXXXX"


After going back and forth they sent an email back stating the following:




I just got off the phone with Conway Freight. They have apologized that they lost your tub. All they can tell me at this point is that they have placed a "all points bulletin" out on your tub. This means that they will be checking the docks two times each day to see where this tub shows up. I truly do not know how they could lose something so large. They did tell me that they should have a answer for us by tuesday. I am sorry that it has taken so long to find a answer to your problem...At this point all I can do is wait until Tuesday to see what they find and if they havent we can order a new tub. Please call us at 800-864-2555 if you need further assistance. Thank you and have a nice day...


Eva Esparza

Chico , CA 95973

(800) 864-2555



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