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Company: METRO PCS

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I filled out the information online concerning my customer service =

experience and online dilemma. I wanted to confirm you received my =

compliant. I posted it about 5 minutes ago but did not see it on your =

site. I used the email address COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_81133#



My cell phone was stolen on Atlanta's transit system last weekend near =

the Arts Center Station. I filed a report with a MARTA officer. It is =

not my intent to expound on the theft. I did venture to MARTA's Lost and =

Found center at Little Five Points. To no avail, no cell phone was =

returned. The thief needed my 4 digit pin to use the phone. Therefore, I =

can still retrieve my voicemail messages and the phone is obsolete for =

the thief.

After perusing the internet, I decided to order a new phone and cell =

service with Metro PCS. I ordered the phone online between 12am and 1am =

online September 5th. The system took approximately 2 minutes to =

"process" yet I never received a confirmation email. When ordering =

merchandise online I always copy and paste my order form and print or =

save for my records. Please do not confuse my order form with an order =

confirmation form. I examined my copy and all of my information was =

correct. I checked my email in the morning for a confirmation email. I =

had none. I checked my online AMEX credit card statement and it showed =

the monies for the cell phone debited. The charge was not a pending =

charge. I spoke to AMEX rep. to confirm the completed transaction.

My dilemma is with the "customer no service department" of MetroPCS. =

They do not have a record of the transaction. I was on the phone for =

approximately 94 minutes with several representatives who lack the basic =

skills of critical thinking.

I have never spoken to representatives who are like robots reading from =

a script and antagonistic in tone and phone demeanor. I initially spoke =

to Jaime. Jaime promptly transferred me to some outsourcing company =

called "Bill Matrix".

Rita the Bill Matrix representative promptly told me she only handles =

monthly cell phone payments. I then again, spoke to a MetroPCS rep. =

David who was no help and spoke to ebonics. I do not think he even =

understood what I was trying convey. He wanted me to give him my =

confirmation number and call the number on my confirmation email. I told =

him several times I never received a confirmation email.

I spoke to Lisa who made light of the situation and thought it was =

funny. She attempted to be disparaging until I let her know I was taping =

the phone call. She claimed she was attempting to locate an 800 number =

for me to call to confirm my transaction. It took Lisa 12 minutes to =

tell me she would need for me to order another phone with her now in =

order to retrieve the 800 number.

Lisa constantly placed me on mute and made a few slips of the finger. =

Her slips included telling a co-worker she hopes this woman hangs up so =

she could go to lunch. Lisa told someone she (me) will have to wait that =

much longer for a supervisor (for making her miss lunch with Shronda).

After about 10 minutes, I finally spoke to a manager named Margaret in =

Dallas, TX. Margaret makes the other representatives look like Mensa =

members. I am not joking. This woman was incapable of actively listening =

and basic problem solving. She insinuated I did not make an online =

purchase. I told Margaret I would give her any information to confirm my =

AMEX transaction or even fax my online statement. Margaret had a =

defensive attitude and simply would not listen. It took about 10 minutes =

to get her to understand I was a new customer and not trying to pay a =

monthly bill. As the conversation progressed her tone became abusive. I =

had to plead with her like a defense attorney pleading for life instead =

of death for a client. She stated 7 times during the conversation, "I =

really do not think I can do anything to help you." She also reiterated =

several times that she did not know what department handled "online =

mishaps". She said maybe AMEX can help you. I told her I had no =

intention of bothering nor disputing AMEX for an issue that has nothing =

to do with them. I told her it is imperative I receive my merchandise. I =

also told her I would do everything legally and within my power to hold =

MetroPCS accountable for their actions. Margaret became even more =

fluttered and incoherent. Margaret took my name and number. She claimed =

she will email a department about my dilemma and call back the next day. =

I do not think she did anything. I have yet to receive a call back and I =

doubt I will receive my cell phone by Friday.

Please I seek your advice and suggestions. Thanks!

P.S. I searched for an email address for MetroPCS to send a letter about =

my experience.and found nothing. I would love to send Roger Linquist's =

executive assistant a copy of the 94 minute conversation or an email.

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b975cece, 2010-09-03, 06:57AM CDT

In the capacity of my job, I traveled to different businesses in my neighborhood, and asked if they would help out with an event we were having. During my travels I met with John the dealer for your company located on Deer Park Avenue in North Babylon, NY.

As I was also in the market for new phones, I asked about the plans Metro PCS had to offer. He told me that there was no roaming charges with the 50 dollar a month plan, nationwide coverage and that the specials would run out the next evening.

I came back the next day, July 30th, and that was the beginning of my nightmare with your company. That evening, I was at Johns Metro PCS store for over 3 hours, It wasnt because he was busy, we were the only ones in the store. I again asked him about the plans, John told me we had 7 days to check out the service and if we werent happy, we could return them. At that time, he said nothing about the one hour of talk time. He was on my phone an hour alone trying to program it. I purchased 3 phones. Two Samsung Freeforms, and one LG Imprint. I was never given a contract on the 30th. I left with the 3 phones a small receipt for 523,00 and 3 white pieces of paper listing information about the phone.

When I arrived home, we tried the phones. The grey phone didnt work at all. The LG Imprint wouldnt text, picture message or receive calls, and the red freeform couldnt send picture messages. I called customer service and I had to spend another hour getting the grey one to work. I also found out through that call that I would have to pick up the rebate forms and that I was overcharged. I called John on Saturday told him what customer service said and that I was a little upset. He told me he would have the rebates for me and that I could pick them up when I got a chance. I found out the next day that my daughter called customer service to get her phone working and found out that a place I spend half my time has no coverage at all and that roaming charges are not included in plans. A fact I clearly specified with John the three hours I spent in his store. I went back to his store on Tuesday and picked up the paperwork, and after 2 hours was told I would have to go to the Corporate store in Westbury. Being as I work so many hours and it was so far away, this was going to be a problem. John gave me the rebate paperwork, and shoved the contract in the back of all the rebate information. I didnt even see it till Friday the 6th. I was very upset. When I got home from Johns store, I called customer service again and tried to get the mess straightened out. Again another hour on the phone and I was not happy with what Joy (904749) was saying about the phones. She had stated that I had to go to the corporate store in Westbury and that if they couldnt fix it, I could bring the phones back on Friday for a full refund. At this point I had no other choice. I went to work and asked to have the afternoon off to take care of this problem. They complied, and I headed to Westbury. Took 1 hours to get there only to find out they couldnt help me after an hour. Maria tried to fix it and again told me there is no service where I am. She told me that I could bring the phones back to the store I purchased them from on Friday and get a full refund. So I left very upset and took the 1 ride back home. Friday morning I again went into work and asked for the afternoon off to take care of this problem. I arrived at Johns store at 2:45PM. There was one customer in the store at the time. John was trying to program a phone. By 4:30pm he still wasnt done. Grabbed the two phones he was trying to set up and said sorry I have to close the store for 30 minutes. By this time I was very upset. I told him I was very patient, and that I wanted a refund. I told him I wasnt leaving without my money. He then asked if he could trust me and left me in charge of his store for 45 minutes, left to go to his office in Lindenhurst and left me my son and the customer in the store. While he was gone one customer called, her name was Phyllis. She wanted information on a touch screen phone. I took her name and number and left a message for John. When he got back, he was still setting up the customer that was there when I arrived that took another 45 minutes. In the last few minutes before that customer was done, another customer walked in. John put two fingers up and told me to wait. He then sold a Red freeform to that customer, programmed it and made we wait till he was done. When that customer was done, he then said he would see me. When I told him I wanted a refund. He told me no. He stated that there could only be one hour of talk time on phones at this time he hadnt even checked the time on the phones. I explained that I laid out all this money and still have phones that dont work and told him to call someone else. I was told on phone that they would escalate it but they didnt , so all that money, all that time and still no service. I was lied to, cheated and had my money stolen. To say I left unsatisfied is an understatement. I called my bank to dispute the charge. That didnt work because John stated I signed a contract and that now it was eight days since I purchased the phones. So I filed a claim with the BBB and I plan on filing a complaint with the Consumer Affairs, and Bureau of Consumer Protection. I am a lung cancer survivor with emphysema I work 40 to 50 hours a week for my money. I do not take kindly when people steal my money. I am writing to you in one last ditch effort to bring this to a decent conclusion. All I want the refund of the $523.00 I was told and promised by not just one, but 4 of your representatives.

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