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Posted on Wednesday, September 5th, 2007 at 4:48pm CDT by 5d428141

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On July 22 I experienced a problem with my Whirlpool washer which was purchased in June of 202 and has been checked and repaired twice for improper spinning and water extraction. We have an extended service plan agreement. Our problem was reported on July 23 and was told I could not get a service call until August 1. from A&E Service.Over a week! On Aug. 1 a service call was made and the problem was diagnosed as a transmission replacement plus other parts. The parts arrived on August 2. A&E services did not arrive until August 8. I pleaded with them and the service company , I even called the Whirlpool Corporation. to no avail!!!! It took 2 1/2 weeks for A&E to fix my machine! Outrageous!!

I since found out that A&E is a national organization that has contracts with Whirlpool and other major corporations. I DO NOT recommend this dis-service group. What was not explained to me is that I could have contacted an authorized Whirlpool Service,paid the bill and it would have been reimbursed by the extended service plan . This would have had my washer fixed in days vs. weeks,by a local dealer.

This was a major frustration----be wary!!!!

Marlene Lenker---Essex,Ct.


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adca10f6, 2007-11-08, 11:35AM CST


I just wanted to thank you for posting the information that no one has to accept A&E to do repairs. I was horrified to read all the complaints about them after I found out that they would be assigned to repair three of my major appliances. I called my local repair shop and asked if they could do my repairs and bill my extended warranty plans - and happily she said yes! What a relief! I assumed I had no choice in the matter until I saw your message. Thanks again. I wish all the other A&E complaint posters knew about this.

0872d9bf, 2008-08-05, 11:57AM CDT

I wanted to second the information about lack of service from A&E. In three engagements with their repair department, the technician has either not showed up & not called, showed up late without calling, or called to say he was "on the way" and not showed up for hours afterward. Considering the first "fix" didn't last 3 weeks, it's been a major frustration. When making a complaint directly to their customer service department, I was essentially blown off. The message: they think they're getting enough business that they don't have to care about providing good, timely service. Now that I know we can go through another company, I will make sure to respond effectively--by never using them again.

9e064c22, 2009-02-08, 09:11AM CST

I have had the complete opposite experience. I have a front load washer and gas dryer on the Whirlpool extended plan. Called on a Monday they arrived on Wednesday. Unit is three years old and the water pump was defective. They replaced on the spot.. no problems at all. The tech was professional, neat and clean in his work habits.. I have nothing but praise based on my service call.

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