Dermacare - Dermacare Causes Life Threatening Infection

Posted on Wednesday, September 5th, 2007 at 6:31pm CDT by c5bef9f9

Product: Dermacare Dermabrasion and Cosmelan

Company: Dermacare

Location: 9101 S. Toledo Ste. B
Tulsa, OK, 74137, US


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A month or so ago, Channel 8 did a story on Dermacare in Tulsa - Dermacare provides services such as dermabrasion, photolight therapy.... I watched the story and decided to give Dermacare a try. I am a 37 year old mom of three (a seven year old, seven month old and four month old), a college professor and soccer mom. I developed brown spots on my face from pregnancy. I began the Cosmelan with dermabrasion therapy. The entire therapy cost $1600. I researched the company and felt comfortable with the Channel 8 story where the CEO of Dermacare said services would be provided by a medical prefessional and that was the difference between Dermacare and everyone else. After the first treatment, I developed a huge swollen knot in my chin that affected my speech. As a professor, this is a major concern as I was having trouble teaching class. I went to Dermacare as soon as the swelling developed. My contact there, Mary, told me to take Benadryl. I told Mary, that this was something more than Benadryl and asked to see the doctor. There was no doctor at the facility!! Mary, who admitted to me she was not a nurse, had a nurse come in and look at my chin. They asked me who my dermatologist was. I told them it was them, Dermacare! I thought they were dermatologists! They were not. They took pictures of the chin and emailed them to the doctor, whose name they would not tell me. When I asked where the doctor was, I was told he does not practice there, his practice was downtown and it was too far for me to drive there. After waiting 45 minutes for a doctor to call them, the nurse told me I should quit waiting and leave. The nurse called in Keflex for me. After I taught class that evening, I began taking the Keflex. The next morning I woke up and could not swallow. I went to the ER and was admitted to the hospital with MRSA a life-threatening staff infection. The Center for Infectious Disease came to visit, along with an ENT and an ER doctor. The three were amazed that there was no doctor to treat me at Dermacare. They told me that the doctor Dermacare had contacted was not a dermatologist and should not have called in antibiotic for me until I was actually seen. Four days later I came home from the hospital with an IV in my arm and a nurse to deliver a high-powered antibiotic. I was contagious and could not hold my seven month old and four month old. I called Dermacare, who had not called to check on me through the entire ordeal. I told them about the situation, advised them that I was advised not to continue the treatment and asked for a refund. The manager told me she could not authorize that and would have the owner call me. The next day the owner called me and said that they would not even give me a partial refund because it was my choice that I did not continue the treatment. When I asked about the doctor and the medical professionals that he talked about on the newscast, he said that no one in Tulsa delivers those services with a medical professional and that the consent form I signed said it was purely cosmetic and no medical procedures were involved. I told him I thought dermabrasion was a medical treatment and that was what they promoted in the news story medical professionals. I asked him to do the right thing and at least refund the second half of the therapy. He said he would not and hung up. I thought you might want to know that Dermacare has manipulated the media and its customer base in Tulsa by misrepresenting themselves as dermatologists. This might be something you want to investigate as so many women are interested in these procedures. Using Dermacare may cause a life threatening illness!

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0b311a5e, 2008-10-07, 03:44PM CDT

I think this is a Major Issue with them.

I also went in for a consultation and they opened an account for $2000. I never had ANYTHING done and I got a bill in the mail. I called them and they said it was for services I had said I wanted to have. When I told them I no longer wanted to get the services done because I am planning on buying a house now. They said they would charge me 20% of the $2000. I am currently in contact with an attorney. I plan on filing a class action lawsuit. See if we can put an end to this!

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