Posted on Wednesday, September 5th, 2007 at 1:39pm CDT by b940c8b1

Product: Buyer of used cell phones

Company: Cellitused

Location: Cellitused.com, Inc. P.O. Box 9276
Chesapeake, Vi, 23321, US

URL: http://www.cellitused.com/

Category: Other

Sent them my phone months ago. Never heard anything back from them. E-mailed them numerous time asking for follow ups. Still nothing. Although I do receive thank you emails for my service. BUT I NEVER got paid for the phone that I sent to them.


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bd0a9808, 2008-01-15, 02:16PM CST

Did you ever receive your money? I was getting ready to mail off some phones to them.

3c878fa1, 2008-02-26, 09:49AM CST

Same thing happened to me with them. I sent them 4 really nice modern phones that I was suppose to get 35.00 each. Now I know it was to good to be true. Burnt again.

b0358597, 2009-09-26, 01:36PM CDT

I hate scammers.

Since they advertise via the internet you can file a complaint against them with the FTC: https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/

653c7384, 2009-10-05, 08:52PM CDT

I use this company everytime I upgrade my Verizon phone. They send me my check quickly, everytime. Are you guys sure you read the terms. You can't send them phones that have broken screens and water damage and expect them to pay you full asking price. I always recommend this company.

653c7384, 2010-02-17, 08:00AM CST

I have used this service many times and had nothing but good experiences. I do know that the phones you send to them have to meet their terms and conditions. We can't be sending them broken phones and expect them to pay for them. It is nice to know that they will at least be recycled properly and not end up in the trash. I would rate this company A++++ in my experience.

fa780ef7, 2010-03-25, 09:07AM CDT

I have had no problems at all with Cellitused. Myself and my brother-in-law have used their service with great results. I was just at their page recently and it looks like they have a completely redesigned web site. Also, I noticed they have a customer service phone number - 757-559-1760 - if you are having some sort of miscommunication with them, I would just call the number and straighten it out. It says they have been in business for 5 years now, so I highly doubt their is any risk in using an established company like this.

d3e89698, 2010-04-13, 06:28PM CDT

I sent my phones on March 20, 2010. I recieved an email saying that they were approved and would be recieving a check for $114 by April 3rd. I sent three emails and they reply with the same template saying were sorry for your delay it will be there shortly. Message machine only at phone number and no response. I have asked them to give me a specific date but no reply. This made me very sad. I wouldnt be trying to send my property to a company to earn money for it if i didnt really need it. Way to screw the little guy once again.

ccb004f8, 2010-06-25, 10:18AM CDT

I am still waiting for my money. I have tried numurous times to contact them and have yet to get a response. I would not sent them your phones or trust this company. They are scammers.

6da093aa, 2010-11-12, 11:35AM CST

Total scammers. Sent me a phone that was completely screwed up. I am trying to return it and UPS can't even locate the "home base" of this crappy enterprise.

They have a recording and never answer. This place blows. Don't use them!

b84449f7, 2013-08-06, 08:56AM CDT

I used them in the past, and actually did get a check, so when I went this time to use them for a fundraiser and the kids in our Non Profit Organization collected over 400 empty toner cartridges, I registered the non profit, sent the cartrdiges, yet NOTHING! NO CHECK, NO RETURN EMAIL, NO RETURN PHONE CALLS! What a disappointment! Now they are taking money from kids too! DISGUSTING!

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