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Posted on Tuesday, September 4th, 2007 at 3:42pm CDT by b42188b7

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My complaint is with Chrysler Financial and their collection practices. I was one payment behind and when the came to reposses the car the other payment had posted. The rep stated that I was three payments behind and after our records we kept were pulled, it showed one payment behind and the other payments were there. Then I was told to pay a certain amount in order to keep the car. I called for the West Union number to send the payment, then the amount went up. The rep was very rude and told me to turn in the car or he would report the car missing to the police. I told him that I needed the car and was willing to pay the first amount that he gave, then he told me to turn the car in and hung up in my face. I called back the next day, and the amount increased as usual and decided to turn in the car peacefully. A loan was taken out for the full balance for the car within the amount of time they gave us and when we called back to have the money $12,000+ transferred to them, they told us that we could not get back the car. It was within the 19 or 20 days that it was told to us that we could get the car back. The very rude rep told us that the car auction date was a month away and we had to pay the balance.

THEY HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO HAVE THE ENTIRE AMOUNT WITHOUT AUCTIONING OFF THE CAR. We had bank statements showing the entire balance in the account. They then tried to sue us and collect $6000+, and they finally won because I had a personal emergency and could not make the court date. WHY TRY TO COLLECT $6000 WHEN YOU COULD HAVE HAD THE ENTIRE BALANCE $12,000+? It is called poor collection practices by reps who only was interested in ruining someone's credit report and collecting their commission checks, versus customer service skills. Please be careful when signing these type of contracts with finance companies.


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55750664, 2007-10-18, 01:25PM CDT

I had a similar issue, they had my checks, they never cashed them, then they came to reposess my car. Never let me get my stuff, when I called to find out where the car was nobody knew until "after" it was sent to auction. Now they are suing me for $9500. They are horrible to deal with and will never use them again. Or purchase Chrysler or Dodge from them again.

e51e3801, 2008-06-04, 12:16PM CDT

I feel that Chrysler Financial uses unfair collection practices. When an attempt was made to make a payment, they refused to accept that one payment stating 3 payments were owed to keep the car from being repossessed. They had the promise of two more payments within a few days, and declined. I feel as you that Chrysler lies and are often very rude when dealing with their customers. They call and harrass several times a day, when they have to know that paydays only come on Friday or every other Friday. With the economy the way it is, making ends meet is difficult as it is, without dealing with lies and threats. I know that with my recent experience with Chrysler Financial(on my daughter's behalf) I will move Heaven and Earth to get rid of my Town and Country and will never purchase another Chrysler product again. I will also do my level best to discourage anyone else I know from buying from Chrysler.

426cc20c, 2008-12-12, 09:54PM CST

wow i had the same problem with them i actually worked for a dodge dealer for almost 10 years, had to leave because wasnt making money selling their cars or trucks, couldnt make the payment on time but they would work with me then my wife got sick and was out of work for 6 months payments late all the time but being made still working with me, wife gets better with one month left to go on the lease we call to tell them that we will be even before the maturity date, the repo the car that after noon and are suing us for $13000.00 all i owed them is two lease payments and a disposition fee. and their probaly going to get away with it i cant afford legal help. these things go to auction at the end of term simply because the buy out is way higher then the actual value of the vehicle, this is how they are justifying the super amounts of money they are suing for, to make up for the short coming of the values of their vehicles saying if ou would have turned it properly a dealer would have been able to sell it on their lot. any one want to get into a class action suit against chrysler?

7bf7d3db, 2010-03-19, 11:32PM CDT

I agree, Chrysler Financial can't reconcile payments made by their customers. I leased a car in August of 2007 and my father co-signed with me. In July of 2009 he filed bankruptcy due to my mom being ill with cancer and couldn't afford the medical bills. He made sure that my name was clear of the claim with his lawyer. I always paid my payments on time through their website with no problems. However, after my father's claim went through they discontinued my allowance to make payments online. With that being in effect, I was forced to call and make a payment (which occurs a processing fee) or mail a check. Each time that I tried to explain to them that I had nothing to do with the bankruptcy they didn't want to hear anything about it.

I fell behind in the Summer of 2009 with payments due to trying to help my parents out with medical bills. However, I caught up and at the end of 2009 I made 12 months of payments. I have my bank statements to prove the electronic payments and checks that were mailed. I made a payment in January of 2010 and than missed February. On 3/18/10 I called to catch up on my payments and the rep told me that I owed January of 2010. I asked for them to send me the statements to show that they have the months mixed up and I'm 30 days late, no 60 days. Their response was they couldn't discuss with me because of the bankruptcy. Once again, I tried to explain that I had nothing to do with that claim and I should be getting statements and a fair explanation as to why they keep screwing up my payment history. In any event, I made a payment of $758.00 to be up to date on my account.

On the morning of 3/19 my Jeep was repossessed. When I called Chrysler they told me that the rep forgot to cancel the order and that I was indeed up to date on my account. But, I need to call their redemption center. I call them, they than tell me that I owe what is left on the loan? When I question that and prove that I made payments the prior day they than tell me that they need to review the account with a manager and someone will get back to me within an hour. Never did. Called three more times from 8am - 1pm. Kept telling me that they couldn't give me any information on what was being decided. Finally called again and they told me they reviewed the account and that even though I made the payment on 3/18, I still owed March's payment (which was only 2 days late at this point). So much inconsistency it's mind blowing.

They than proceeded to tell me that in order to get the car back I had to pay the repo fees + March payment + a copy of mine and my fathers proof of income + copy of the insurance policy with Chrysler as the Lien holder + 6 recommendation letters. I seriously blew up. I was willing to make an extra payment if that meant getting my car back (even though my bank statements show I'm up to date). But I will NOT be bullied into providing paper work and extra fees just to delay their process and win more money out of my pocket.

I have all of my statements printed, copies of cleared checks to prove I'm up to date. Additionally, I have an appointment to see a lawyer on Monday night. I much rather pay the lawyer fees and get the car back than pay Chrysler anymore money that is not owed to them at this time. They want to fight, I'm ready. I will go all the way to the Attorney Generals Office on this one. They had no reason to repo my car. They screwed up, the repo guy never got the canceled notice and now they want me to pay the damages. NOWAY.

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