2001 Ford Taurus

Posted on Tuesday, September 4th, 2007 at 9:43pm CDT by 8ef99afc

Company: 2001 Ford Taurus

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I took my Taurus in for repair because the front end was shaking. I discovered that there is a recall on defective springs which were broken and replaced for free, however, after a $200 repair on defective sway bars. I was then informed that I have the exact same problem on both rear tires. Defective springs and sway bars that need replaced for $750. Ford would not cover the repair even though the repairman said it was common among all ford products and that I better have them fixed before they snap in half and puncture my tires. This had already happened to my Windstar at 65 mph. which almost cost the lives of five people.

I e-mailed Ford who sent a form letter of NO knowledge of defective rear springs and or any recall needed.

I then canvassed five local dealerships and/or repair shops. They ALL agreed or had similar comments concerning Ford products in general. Ford springs, what a surprise, front, rear or all? one mechanic asked. I wouldn't sell that car in good conscience, one dealership said. You may want to have them replaced before selling it so nobody is seriously hurt, another dealership said.

The comments from experienced mechanics and factual history of Ford Taurus was all around me in a small town but Ford Motor Company will not yield. I wonder how big the problem really is?


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