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Posted on Friday, September 28th, 2007 at 11:39pm CDT by 8d5af895

Company: I-phone from Apple store

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Am I in United States? Yes, I am but Apple stores are

not doing businesses in American way. Apple should be

happy if I want to buy as many I-phone as I want.

Instead, the sale person warned me, these two I-phones

are final sale to you, you can't purchase anymore

here. What the .... I was so upset. If you have

I-phones and I want to buy then why don't you sell to

me. Unless, I-phones are discount products all

customers are allowed to purchase two just like

groceries. I need a good reason to know it is the

way, Apple operates their retail stores. Is it the

policy of Apple's retail stores?


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2be2c2de, 2008-03-01, 08:05PM CST

everybody knows apple has that policy because people (like you, i'm assuming, because of your poor english and the fact that you don't list why you want more than 2 iphones) are hacking them (which voids the warranty) and then marking up the retail price 2-300 percent and selling them on ebay. So not only are you forcing somebody else to pay out the ass for an iPhone from you that you voided the warranty on, but then when it breaks from the hacking software that you put on it that unwitting person who bought it is screwed.

apple limits sales of iphones to protect the consumer and make sure that the person buying the iphone is the person getting it. that's like ticketmaster limiting ticket sales to consumers to prevent scalping.

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